6 Points for Gaining More Business

In the difficult times of today everyone needs more business and if you're struggling then here's six points which will give you the best chance to win and retain plenty of new customers.

1. Visibility
To get clients you have to be noticeable when they come looking.
Make sure you have a good website, if you don't then make upgrading it a priority.
Create a blog and make sure you're updating it regularly, this will help with customer engagement and act as a feeder for your main website.
Implement social media into your business profile, you'll notice a significant increase in customer engagement.

2. Credibility
The credibility of any business is often an important reflection of the level of service and quality of product they are able to provide.
Get testimonials from previous or existing customers, compelling quotes and references are always a huge boost towards winning customers over.
Don't use automatic answering services for your phone lines as can alienate customers with not being able to talk to another human being regarding a query.

3. Memorability
Once you've been in contact with a customer don't let that be the last you ever hear from them or vice-versa, make sure they are still aware of your presence when they're looking again.
Construct a database, include information such as prospective clients who have made enquiries previously and names generated from other means etc.
If you don't have a list or don't have the time to gather one, it is entirely possible to buy one from a list broker.
Keep regular contact with those on your list, email is a good platform for this, to ensure you are always present and that they will turn to you as soon as they require.
Analyse the results of any email sends to monitor your open and click through rates.
Be responsive to customers, an ongoing dialogue will build trust and a relationship. Phone or email work well to build the dialogue between you.

4. Be Personal
Treat each customer as an individual and adjust any content you send them accordingly. This personalisation will win over a lot of customers, making them feel that you are connecting with them and are genuinely interested.
Ultimately they're going want to know how your service/product will benefit them and the more you can show this through personalising each contact to their business the more likely you are to convert them.

5. Consistency
Regular communication with each client will keep them aware of your business as well as bring them to the thinking that you're an expert in your field. The regularity of communications may vary from client to client but be certain to stick to a weekly, fortnightly, monthly and so on, schedule.

6. Persistence
Not all businesses will require a product/service as soon as they are in contact with you, all of your prospective and existing clients will be at different decision making stages, with the process varying significantly from one client to the next.
Just because a client doesn't respond immediately to a communication do not be disheartened as they may yet call back further down the line. Don't give up until either they agree or your are able to glean some useful information regarding their thought process/intentions.

Take the above points into account and you'll be guaranteed to pick up more customers and business.

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