A Call to Action

Any half decent salesman knows that you should always ask for the order at the end of the sales pitch.
Just like the rest of life if you don't ask, you don't get because your prospects aren't always going to offer an order at all and you'll miss the chance to take negotiations further.
Face to face selling techniques also work and apply to sales letters and websites.
Here are two problems that many websites create for themselves.

There are a lot of websites out there which won't contain any conclusions to the information on them. There's no call to action, nothing to tell a visitor that they should be ordering or getting in touch.
The results is that fewer vistors to the site will go on to make enquiries and subsequently conversion rates will drop due to lost business.
The easy answer is to add a call to action, a simple "call us here" or "email us", to each page.
They've come to your page looking to the solution to their problem so the construction and laout of your website should guide them through with small pointers to the next steps they need to make.

Banner Blindness
Visitors to a website can suffer from 'banner blindness' meaning they ignore the banners on any webpages and simply focus on the content areas. This is because they're looking for specific information and will scan from the point where they found the information relevant to their current need.
Don't rely on calls to action only being placed solely in the banners on your website, sow them through the text content of to increase the chances that they'll be view and acted upon.
At the same time don't lumber visitors with huge chunks of text, people skim websites so break up big blocks of text by using short sentences and sub-headings.

Don't just put these methods in place and forget about them, they'll need work and revision to ensure you're getting the most out of them. Observe how different positions and wording of your calls to action effect the number of enquiries and sales.

Find the ones that work best for you and watch your website generate more clients.

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