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If you’ve owned any kind of smart device, then you’ve probably visited an app store. For those who don’t know, an app store is a virtual store where you go to download mobile applications. These can be games, educational, organisational, business oriented or just amusing joke apps. But if you look carefully, a pattern you will see emerging is the sudden appearance of business apps within the app store. These apps tie into a businesses general marketing plan and allow them to offer value, promote fresh content and even make sales, all without the user visiting their website.


In 2014, over 1.6 billion users accessed websites via their mobiles. That’s roughly the same number as accessed them using a desktop computer. Mobile has quickly overtaken desktops for both casual surfing and business use, so the best way to reach your customers is to be mobile ready. In a lot of cases that means having an app that complements your business.


At the moment, there are over 200,000 applications listed on the Android Play Store, with 4.5 billion apps installed on Android devices. That’s a lot of apps. Even more amazing than that is the fact that over 56% of all the interaction on smartphones takes place within apps. With that much dedicated attention from users, it’s not hard to understand why so many businesses want to jump on the app bandwagon. Just think, ‘what could my business use an app for?’ It’s easier than you think to see how much more you could offer your clients just by having a mobile app. Increased functionality, extra service and new information all add up to happier customers who are likely to remain loyal to your brand. So if you are a financial services advisor looking to help their clients monitor their investments, a clothes shop wanting to sell more stock or even an MOT garage wanting to allow your clients to book their car in online, an app might be the answer.


At Intertec we pride ourselves on offering fresh baked apps straight to your business. Our dedicated team of iPhone and Android app developers work closely with our clients from the conception of their app all the way through to the delivery, when a new app is born into the world. Our programmers are fluent in both IOS and Android programming, and our in house graphic design team can make our efficient and functional interface look stunning in a heartbeat. No matter what your business is or what you want your app to do; Intertec’s designers can make your dream a reality.


We are a web design agency based in Surrey and our web designers are experts in combining visual appeal with instinctive usability.

We utilise Google approved, white hat optimisation methods to build quality SEO services under your targeted keywords.

We are a results oriented PPC agency and deliver an exceptionally high ROI. PPC is ideal for new websites looking for immediate results.

Intertec also provide business and consumer data lists to help target your key project base. Our lists are suitable for postal, telemarketing and email campaigns.

Intertec develop android apps to convert your business ideas to usable applications for mobile devices to make interacting with your products and services easier for your customers.