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Do You Have A Transformational Offer, Or Is It Just Nice To Have?

Do You Have A Transformational Offer Or Is It Just Nice To Have?

Which category does your offer fall in to? Nice, Need or Transformational?

Here’s why you need a transformational offer for your business. It’s summer and right now, your potential clients may want to wait until next quarter to get started. Do objections get any more annoying than that?

Today, we want to help you put an end to this.

The key to stop your potential clients from pushing purchases to the next quarter is simple:

Is your offer something that would be NICE to have, or is it something your clients NEED to have?

Let’s explains the difference:

You see, with a “nice to have” offer, potential clients feel like they can get the answer from literally anywhere else.

A “need to have” offer is something with urgency, where they feel like they’re losing money every single day, week and month they go without it.

In other words, they have a great big hole in their business bucket that is a drain that needs fixing.

There’s a huge difference between the two types of offers.

Do you have a transformational offer to keep your clients knocking on your door?

However, it’s not enough to just have an offer that’s a need to have.

The prospect has to actually know they need your offer.

Another key distinction is to make your customer know that what you have is a transformational offer rather than an improvement offer

If your offer is an improvement on what your customer already has or is doing, will many of them want to pay a premium price for it? 

If your offer promises transformation, that’s a different story.

You’d have customers beating down a path to your door, desperate to

buy from you. 

So what do you need to make your offer a transformational offer?  Many times we are too close to our services that we fail to see the real value and potential. Here at Intertec, we can offer you a fresh set over skilled marketing eyes. 

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Make Your Website Accessible 5 Reasons You Really Need To Make Your Website Accessible

Make Your Website Accessible 5 Reasons You Need To Make Your Website Accessible

Why make your website accessible. Why should I make my website accessible is a question we get asked a lot. It’s a good question to be fair, so we wanted to take the time to answer it for you. The top 5 reasons to make your website accessible are listed below:

Expand your reach, your audience, and potential client base

While it would be wonderful to live in a completely altruistic society where firms were not constrained by the need for money, this is not how the business world actually operates. Although there may be some initial costs associated with making your website accessible, there is unquestionably a strong financial rationale for taking the step.

According to estimates, one in every four Americans has a disability. 61 million adults, to be exact! The figure is even more astounding if your business is worldwide in scope. Naturally, providing for the needs of those 61 million adults with impairments immediately expands your potential market by 25%. Making your website accessible to more people ultimately makes you money.

Reduce the risk of litigation and bad publicity

Making your website accessible and compliant with the ADA is required by law if your business is covered by Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Your business runs a serious risk of being sued in court if you don’t comply.

There were almost 2,200 civil ADA claims brought in 2019 especially because of problems with website accessibility. Around 21% of those 2,200 were the subject of several lawsuits. These figures do not account for the much higher number of businesses that settle after receiving demand letters but before a lawsuit is initiated. Tens of thousands of dollars may be spent on settling an ADA lawsuit, and hundreds of thousands of dollars may be spent if litigation is necessary. You cannot afford to take the risks of non compliance.

Getting the edge on the competition

Accessibility is a key differentiator and/or equaliser for websites. In addition to increasing the market share mentioned in point #1 above, you now have a sellable advantage from your rivals. If your competitors are already available, you have now balanced your competition and lessened their advantage.

Civic responsibility and social Inclusivity

In Point 1 we explained the benefits of having your website accessible, but you still might not be convinced. Redefine your position so that it emphasises inclusivity and civic responsibility if the increase in market size is not convincing you. Make your website user-friendly even if you don’t stand to gain financially from doing so. It’s the ethical thing to do.

Maintain your page rank and future proof your SEO

The search engine optimisation and page ranking of your website may be enhanced by using accessibility best practises. Many of the same development approaches that search engines need when assessing page ranking are also required by accessibility requirements. These characteristics may include:

  1. Using H1 H2 H3 headings correctly
  2. Ensuring HTML is correct
  3. Content should be easily readable and logically structured
  4. Including a Site Map for easy crawling
  5. Proper titles on pages 
  6. Instructive unique meta descriptions on every page
  7. Descriptive alt tags on images 

It is widely speculated Google has already included accessibility in their page ranking algorithm or plans to do so in the future. If they haven’t done so before, it stands to reason that they will in the future. In other words, ensuring the accessibility of your website will protect your current page ranking in the future. By now, it should be obvious why making your website accessible is advantageous.

If you want to find out how you can have a free WCAG2.1 AA Audit and open up you business to more clients. Call us today for a free consultation. Tel: 01276 691199

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how to grow your online business without social media

5 Ways To Grow Your E-commerce Business Without Social Media

5 Ways To Grow Your Ecommerce Business Without Social Media

There are many ways to grow your eCommerce business without using social media. Read this article to discover them! Social media has become an integral part of our lives. It’s where we share information, connect with friends, and even sell products. But there are other ways to market your product that don’t involve social media. This article will show you how to use these methods to grow your business.

Create a Landing Page

A landing page is a web page designed specifically to attract visitors. You can use a landing page to promote any type of product or service, but it’s especially effective when promoting online courses. A landing page allows you to collect email addresses, build trust, and provide value to potential customers.

Offer Free Shipping

If you’re selling products online, offering free shipping is one of the easiest ways to grow your sales. It’s also an easy way to make sure your customers feel valued. In fact, according to a study by the National Retail Federation, nearly half (48 percent) of shoppers will abandon a purchase if there is no free shipping option available.

Add Reviews

Another way to grow your eCommerce store is to offer reviews. This helps build trust with your customers and encourages them to share their experiences with others.

Promote Your Best Products

You should promote your best products first. If you do not, then people will see your worst products first.

Focus on Customer Service

It is very easy to make mistakes when running an online store. Customers expect fast responses to questions and complaints. They also expect to receive accurate information about what they ordered.

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5 Website Design Trends For 2022

5 Website Design Trends for 2022

As more people turn to online shopping, e-commerce has become an integral part of business strategy. Learn about the five key website design trends for 2022 that will help your business succeed. The internet has changed how we shop, communicate, and even learn. In this article, we’ll look at the five most important website design trends for 2022.

Mobile First

Mobile first websites are designed with mobile devices in mind. This means that the site is optimised for viewing on smartphones and tablets. It also means that the user interface is easy to navigate and use.

Responsive Web Design

In addition to being responsive, web designers should consider using adaptive design techniques. Adaptive design allows users to customise the layout based on their device type. This helps ensure that the site looks good on any screen size.

AI Powered Chatbots

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly popular as a means of improving customer service. Chatbots are one form of AI that can provide real-time assistance to customers via text messaging. They can also answer questions, make recommendations, and even schedule appointments.

Augmented Reality

In addition to chatbots, another emerging technology is augmented reality (AR). AR allows users to see virtual objects superimposed onto the real world. This type of technology is being used by businesses to enhance customer experiences. For instance, a restaurant might use AR to allow diners to order food without leaving their seats.

Virtual Reality

Another trend that is gaining popularity is virtual reality (VR), which uses headsets to immerse users into a computer-generated environment. VR is often used as a training tool, allowing employees to practice new skills before using them in the workplace. It also provides a safe place for children to explore their surroundings.

If you want to find out how you can add some of these trends to your website. Call us today for a free consultation. Tel: 01276 691199

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5 Website Security Tips for Big Companies

5 Website Security Tips for Companies

Websites are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Learn how to prevent hackers from stealing your data and ruining your reputation. Hackers are constantly looking for new ways to steal information and money from people online. They use malware, viruses, and other methods to gain access to your computer and steal your personal information.

Install an SSL Certificate.

An SSL certificate encrypts your website so that only authorised users can view it. This prevents anyone who isn’t logged into your site from viewing sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and passwords.

Protect Passwords with Two-Factor Authentication.

If you use two-factor authentication (2FA) on your email account, you should also enable 2FA on your website login. You can do this by adding an extra layer of protection to your website login process.

Monitor User Activity.

Hackers often try to steal user credentials through phishing emails. To protect yourself against these attacks, monitor user activity on your site. This means checking who has logged into your site recently and what they did while there. It’s also important to check whether any suspicious activity has occurred on your site.

Encrypt Data.

If you store sensitive data online, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or other personal information, make sure it’s encrypted. You should use an encryption program that encrypts data before storing it online. Then, when users log into your website, the encryption software decrypts the data so it can be used safely.

Back up Your Site.

Make sure you back up your site regularly. This includes backing up your database, files, and images. It also means making regular backups of your code and configuration settings.

If you are concerned about your website security. Call us today for a free consultation. Tel: 01276 691199

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5 Steps To Write An Awesome Email

5 Steps to Write an Awesome Email

You’ve probably heard about email marketing before, but have you ever wondered what makes one email better than another? In this article, we’ll show you five things you should consider when writing an awesome email. Email marketing has become a popular way for businesses to connect with customers and prospects. But how do you write an effective email that will get people to click on your link and read your message? We’ll show you five things to keep in mind when crafting your next email campaign.

Know who you’re writing to

First, you need to know who you’re writing to. This means knowing your customer’s name, job title, company size, industry, and more. It also means understanding your reader’s needs and interests so you can tailor your messages appropriately.

Be clear about the purpose of your message

Second, make sure your message has a clear purpose. If you’re sending out an email newsletter, you might want to send out a reminder about upcoming events or a new product launch. Or maybe you’re trying to sell something online, such as a service or a product. Whatever the case, make sure your message clearly states its purpose.

Include calls-to-action

Third, think about how you can personalise your emails. This means making them more relevant to each recipient by adding their name, company name, or other details. It also means using language that’s easy to understand. Don’t use jargon or technical terms unless you really need to.

Tell a story

Fourth, make sure your subject line stands out. If you’re sending an email with a link, make sure the headline is clear enough so people will click through. And finally, keep your message short and sweet. People hate reading long messages. They’d rather read something quick and concise.

Don’t forget keywords

Finally, don’t forget to use keywords in your emails. This is especially true if you’re using autoresponders. Make sure you include the right keywords in the subject line and body of the email.

If you want to get results with your email marketing, we can help. We have have created and managed successful email campaigns for many different companies. Call us today for a free consultation. Tel: 01276 691199

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What is Google Search Ads and Why You Should Care

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What is Google Search Ads and Why you Should Care?

Google Search Ads is a form of advertising that you can use to promote your business on Google. It allows you to reach people who are searching for products and services that you offer.

The main benefit of Google PPC Search Ads

The main benefit of Google PPC search ads is that it gives you the ability to target your ads at people who are interested in what you have to offer. It also gives you the opportunity to show your ads based on where they’re located, which is important if you’re a local business.

Google ads are an efficient and effective way to advertise on Google. They are an affordable option for most businesses and they can be used to generate high quality traffic and leads.

Google search ads provide the opportunity to reach a broad audience, with a few clicks of the mouse. Businesses can target their customers not only with the search term used, but also based on location, language, device type, and more.

The ads that you see in the search engine results page.

Not so many years ago the only place you wanted your website to appear was an organically listing at the top of the first page in a Google Search. That was the listing that got most traffic.  While it is still true that the organic listing is the most clicked page link in a search result. Ads are getting significantly more hits and traffic that before.  Searchers are becoming more comfortable clicking them, knowing they will be what they are looking for.

One of the reasons for this is that there is less and less space on the first page of a search. It only takes 4 ads and some call out extensions and site links to make sure the first organic listing is below the fold. When you include the search bar and the local business stack, even being the first organic result means you’re halfway down the page. It’s no surprise then that Google Search ads are the ones getting the clicks.

What are Google Ads and What are the Ad Extensions?

Google Search Ads are the ads that you will see on a search engine results page. They are paid listings that appear on a search engine results page, also known as SERP. There are many different types of Google search ads, and they can be sorted by category or keyword.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions allow advertisers to include additional information about their business with their ad copy to provide more information about their product or service to searchers. Also ad extensions can be added at any time during an account’s active campaign and will not affect performance metrics like Quality Score or Cost-Per-Click (CPC).

So if you are serious about being found on the first page of a Google search and be seen above the fold, perhaps it’s time to talk to us about running a search ad.  It might be more cost effective than you think.

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What To Consider When Designing A Website, Image How To Stand Out

What To Consider When Designing A Website

Designing A Website – What To Consider When Designing A Website

You must be able to understand what makes a good website design before you start creating one.

Designing a website involves many different aspects that need to be considered in order for it to look professional and user friendly. This article will give you an overview of how to create a great looking website.

This article will help you with some tips and tricks to make your website look great.

There are several things that should be taken into consideration when designing a website. These include the following:

1. Colour Scheme

2. Typography

3. Navigation

4. Layout

5. Images

6. Videos

7. Audio

8. Links

9. Social Media Integration

10. Contact Information

Choose a Theme That Suits Your Business Needs

Choosing a theme that suits your business needs is very important. It will help you to make sure that your website looks professional and attractive.

Create an Effective Navigation System

If you are looking to build a successful website, then you need to ensure that you have a clear navigation system. This means that visitors should be able to find exactly what they are looking for easily.

Include Keywords In The Title And Meta Tags

t is also essential that you use keywords in the title tag and meta description tags. These two elements will appear at the top of search results when people do a Google search. They are also used by other websites as well so having them correctly written will help with ranking.

Add Images For Better User Experience

Adding images to your site helps users navigate through your pages more easily. This is because images are easier to read than text alone. Also, images make your webpages more visually appealing.

If you would like to know more how we can help you, call us today for a free consultation. At the very minimum you will have a road map to follow, or we can take the stress away and do it for you.

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Digital Marketing Agency Surrey

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Digital Marketing Agency Surrey: What They Do, How Much They Cost, And Which Ones Are The Best.

Digital marketing agencies help companies promote products and services on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. They also create content for blogs and other online platforms.

What Is A Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency helps businesses to grow their business by using the power of the internet.

A digital marketing agency is a company that offers services in digital marketing. They offer a wide range of services, including web design, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, and email marketing.

The definition of a digital marketing agency is an organisation that specialises in helping businesses to grow their business through the use of the internet. There are many types of agencies such as search engine optimisation agencies and email marketing agencies. An agency is an organisation that provides services to clients. These services can range from advertising to website design. Most agencies offer multiple services, so they are often referred to as “full service” agencies.

Types Of Digital Marketing Agencies

There are two main categories of digital marketing agencies: full service agencies and specialised agencies. Full service agencies provide a wide variety of services, while specialised agencies specialise in one area of digital marketing. Different types of digital marketing agencies exist for different purposes. For example, a social media agency is different from an online advertising agency. The former focuses on the promotion of brands on social media platforms while the latter focuses on paid ads and other forms of marketing on various websites.

A digital marketing agency can be a freelancer or an independent business. They are usually hired by clients to make their brand more visible and to bring in targeted traffic.

How To Choose A Good Digital Marketing Agency

If you’re looking for an agency that will work with you to develop a strategy that fits your business needs, then you should consider choosing a full service agency. These agencies offer a range of services, such as search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC), social media management, email marketing, website design, and more.  The best marketing agencies for you will depend on your needs and budget. Are you a small business looking for a marketing consultant or an agency that can provide all the services that your business needs? Or do you have a bigger budget and want to work with the best agency in town? It is important to know what kind of services you need and which type of agency will be able to provide them.

How Much Does A Digital Marketing Agency Cost?

There are many agencies in the market that offer digital marketing services. However, not all of them are good. So, it is important to find the best agencies in the market and choose one that matches your needs and budget.

The best way to find a good agency is by looking at reviews and testimonials from previous clients. This will help you make a decision on what company to go with for your business needs.

An agency might charge anywhere from a starting £1,000 per month and higher . This fee includes everything from developing a plan to managing the campaign once it’s launched. You also need to factor in any additional costs associated with hiring employees who specialise in each area of digital marketing.

If you would like to know more how we can help you, call us today for a free consultation. At the very minimum you will have a road map to follow, or we can take the stress away and do it for you.

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How To Nail Web Optimisation – SEO Service Surrey

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important aspect of online marketing. It helps businesses reach their target audience by increasing visibility on search engines like Google. (SEO) Search engine optimisation is the process of improving the ranking of a website in search results. Our SEO services are available for both small business owners and large corporations. So what is the first step to nailing your web page optimisation?

Keyword Research

This is one of the most important aspects of SEO. You need to find out what people are searching for when they type keywords into the search bar.

There are several ways to do keyword research. One of the easiest methods is to use a free service called Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Simply enter your targeted keywords into the box provided and click “Search”. A list of suggested keywords will appear. These are some of the most popular searches performed by users. Google is the best keyword research tool as they are providing data based on what people are actually searching. There are other keyword search tools but to get the best results we use Google and Google Search Console.

Website Audit For SEO

Once you have identified keywords, it’s time to check whether your website is optimized for them.

You should also make sure that your site has been properly indexed by search engine spiders. This means that the pages on your site are visible to search engines. If your site isn’t listed, then it won’t show up when people perform searches. Again this is where you want to use Google Search Console to make sure your web pages are indexed. It is a simple procedure and these tools a free to use. In fact if you are not using them, please start to do so and they can provide great information on your website.

Link Building 

Link building is where the heavy lifting takes place.

The next step is to build links from other websites to yours, and link your own pages internally so that Google can see which pages are most important.

There are two main ways to do this: Guest posting and back linking. It needs some serious effort but you need to do this step as it’s a numbers game and you want more links than your competitors.

Content Creation

Create high quality content that will help your business stand out from the crowd.

If you’re looking to improve your website’s ranking, then you need to focus on creating high quality content. This means writing unique articles that answer questions people might ask when searching for products or services related to your industry. You should also make sure that your content is easy to read and understand so that users stay engaged with your site.

Social Media Marketing

Promote your business through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

In addition to promoting your business on social media sites, you can use them to interact with customers directly. By posting updates about new products, special offers, and other relevant news, you can keep your followers informed and encourage them to share your posts with others. This step is easily overlooked. Content creators are so busy creating the content they neglect to share it with the world. There are so many different places you can share so get creative.

If you would like to know more how we can help you, call us today for a free consultation. At the very minimum you will have a SEO road map to follow, or we can take the stress away and do it fro you.

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