the-importance-of-keyword-research in 2023

The Importance of Keyword Research in 2023

Why Do Keyword Research in 2023

Keywords are words or phrases that Search Engines (Google, Bing) use to match your website’s content with search queries. Any content created for the web with the intention of ranking highly for relevant search queries has to have Keyword Targeting as their primary focus. Understanding the importance of keyword research is essential to producing an effective long term results on Google.

Keyword Research and Selection is the first step in the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) process. The success or failure of your SEO Campaign entirely depends on the accuracy of keywords you select.

For example, if a business sells rare plants, they might include keywords like “rare plants”, “exotic plants” and “unusual plants” in their content to help rank the site for these terms.

Selecting the right keywords is not as simple as selecting broad terms for your business. If we continue with the rare plants concept you will find that there is a lot of well established competition ranking for those search terms. As we explain in our SEO Guide being able to rank well for competitive keywords requires a combination of well-done On-Page, Off-Page and Technical SEO. Which most new businesses simply will not have in place.

So what does a new business do when faced with this scenario?

As we advise all of our clients with newer businesses or less well-established websites – simply target less competitive keywords. In this guide we will give a brief overview of how you do that in a general sense. If you would like a more tailored solution for your business, arrange a completely free consultation with our SEO experts by Contacting Us.

Importance of Keyword Research in 2023

How do you structure keyword research?

The First Step with Keyword Research, Customer Profile

follows the same logic as any digital marketing campaign. Start with the customer profile.

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What Solutions are they looking for?

Understanding the target demographics needs will be the starting point to build a list of keywords to create your content around. Once you understand what your target audience is looking for you note down the keywords they are using to search for solutions.

For example, if you are a dentist you understand your customers are likely looking for solutions to tooth pain or cosmetic solutions for bad teeth. Therefore you would create a list a various common problems such as “tooth pain” or “braces”. While these keywords are very broad they are a good place to start.

Second Step With Keyword Research; Keyword Search Volume

now you have your broad terms you want to find out if there is search volume for these terms. You do this with a Keyword Volume Tool.

A keyword volume tool works by entering in your search terms and it will return the estimated monthly search volume for each keyword. There are hundreds of these tools, some come as part of expensive and complicated SEO tools such as SEMrush, others are free. While the search volume results can vary between software we find that overall for a beginner Wordstream’s Free Online Keyword Tool is more than sufficient.

You enter your search term “tooth pain” and Wordstream will produce an estimated search volume plus offer some related search terms.

Keyword search volume tool

Whilst this may feel like you now have all the data you need from a Keyword Volume perspective there is still a lot of work to be done.

For example you have no idea from this data how difficult those keywords are to rank for. While there may be 6,600 monthly searches for tooth pain if you go ahead and create content targeting this keyword you may never see any search volume due to very well established competitors securely ranking for these terms.

Meaning any content you create with the intention of ranking for this search term could be a huge waste of your time and effort.

Which moves us onto the next stage in Keyword Research.

Third Step in Keyword Research, Competitor Keyword analysis.

From this step on the complexity of the keyword research work begins to increase and this is generally where you will need the assistance of a professional SEO agency like Intertec Data Solutions.

For this next step you can use a tool like ‘Ubersuggest‘ which will automatically provide the ‘estimated difficulty’ of ranking your website for a certain keyword. Or, you can manually check by using free SEO extensions combined with the information provided by your Keyword Volume Tool.

The most popular free SEO Competitor tool to assess the strength of competitors for a keyword is the MOZ bar. The way this tool works is it gives each website two ratings – Page Authority (PA) & Domain Authority (DA).

Keyword research competitor analysis mozbar surrey seo

You then look at your websites Moz ranking and the Moz ranking of your competitors, if your site has a much lower PA & DA it may not be worthwhile targeting this keyword until you have increased your sites DA.

If you would like a free consultation to understand what you need to do to increase your website’s DA to better help your Keyword Ranking efforts – Contact Us Below

If competition for these search terms is too hard for a site that is not well established you will then need to move onto the next stage

Fourth Step in Keyword Research, Long Tail Keyword Alternatives

While it is extremely common that broad search terms are extremely competitive there are longer variation of those search terms that are not. A less competitive search query that is still relevant for your Business is the next best alternative.

Typically where a broad search term like “Tooth Pain” will be too competitive a long tail keyword related to tooth pain will have much less competition. For example “how long does tooth pain last” is still topically relevant to your business but there is little high DA competition for this longer variant.

Therefore your next step is to create content that specially targets this long tail variant, not the broad term “tooth pain”.

Keyword research in 2023 using ubersuggest

While the search volume is much lower you will actually have a chance to rank in the top 3 results for this long tail search whereas the broad term you wouldn’t. When you factor in that over 80% of the clicks through to a site from Google come from the top 3 results, ranking number 1 for a long tail rather than number 20 for a broad keyword actually results in more search volume to your site long term.

How do you find Long Tail Keywords?

Finding and assessing the viability of Long Tail Keywords is a skill that requires experience and generally expensive SEO tools. However if you are wanting to do it for free you can rely on Google’s “People Also Ask” feature.

Keyword research in 2023 using People also ask from Google

This feature from google will give you a short list of ‘real’ search queries that are commonly related to the broad search term. The advantage of this feature is that it is giving you real long tail searches that have enough monthly traffic to

However you do not know precisely how much traffic you get from these queries so you will have to manually plug each query into Wordstream’s Keyword Volume tool AND then manually check the MOZ bar results to see if you have a chance of ranking.

Professional SEO Keyword tools like Ubersuggest or SEMrush will combine all of these techniques together saving you the man hours of finding the right Long Tail Keyword to use in your site content. However a single months subscription to these services can be extremely expensive.

Now after you have done these four steps you should have a list of keywords that you are wanting to target which you have a high probability of ranking for with a Good SEO Campaign

Steps For Keyword Research

So to review these are the four steps you need to follow when conducting your Keyword Research:

  • Step 1: Customer Profiling
  • Step 2: Keyword Search Volume
  • Step 3: Competitor Keyword Analysis
  • Step 4: Long Tail Keyword Alternatives

How to Include Keywords in Content

Now you have your target Long Tail Keywords how do you include them in your content to give yourself the best chance of ranking.

This question enters you into the world of ‘On-Page SEO’. We have over 20 years of specialising in this field of SEO and have wrote a complete guide on how to do On-Page SEO that will be worth your time. However, the cliff notes of the process goes as follows.

  1. Keyword in the Headings and Body of your page text
  2. Page Content Structured to Answer The Search Query
  3. Relevant External Links used on the page
  4. Relevant Internal Links sent to the page
  5. The structure of the page URL
  6. The page’s Meta Description
  7. Quality Page Content
  8. Relevant Images added to the Page + Relevant Alt Text
  9. The inclusion of relevant page ‘Schema’

Doing this all correctly can be quite the task for a beginner so if you would like assistance with this process make sure to contact us using the contact form below.

Professional Keyword Research Agency

The process of Keyword Research is labour intensive but is ultimately the foundation from which all of your SEO success or failure is built upon. While we think it is useful for any business to at least understand the Search environment they are competing in we understand the need to use a professional SEO agnency to complete this task for you.

At Intertec we have over 20 years SEO experience, providing not only Keyword research services but a comprehensive SEO service that gets your business ranking and earning on Search Engines. Enquire using the form below or call into our offices to learn how we can help you with the Keyword Research Process and set up a long-term profitable SEO Campaign for your business.

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7 Steps For Selecting a UK SEO Agency in 2023

Why Use a UK Based SEO Agency? 

When it comes to online search engine optimization, a UK based SEO agency is one of your best bets for success in 2023 if you are based in the UK.

First, it’s essential to look for an experienced SEO firm in the UK that understands both local and international search engine algorithms. This means they should be able to provide tailored advice on how best to optimize sites within your local target market. Additionally, they should also have a solid track record of providing successful results with digital campaigns. 

In addition, a good UK based SEO agency will be familiar with various content marketing strategies such as blogs, articles and press releases that can help increase organic traffic from search engines.

Finally, it s important to note that having a quality website is the first step in achieving great search engine rankings. Ensuring it performs well on all devices, has a clear and easy to navigate structure and loads quickly are key factors. It is also important to note that there is no set formula for SEO success.

The key process any SEO service provider needs to be able to complete requires them to fully comprehend what Google and other search engines are looking for. Then have the in house resources to create websites full of optimised content that meets those needs.

seo-agency-surrey-elements of seo

Criteria for selecting the right SEO Agency for your Business

 Choosing the right agency can be a daunting task, especially with the plethora of options available. Here’s a checklist to help you pick the right UK-based SEO agency in 2023:

  • Shortlist potential agencies: Start by doing some research on the different SEO agencies available in the UK by running a Google search for Agencies in your area such as “SEO Company in Surrey“. Look for businesses that have a track record of delivering outcomes and are experts in your field. Always check to see if there is a testimonials page, any agency worth their salt should have a long list of clients that are willing to share a positive testimonial. Make a list of a few agencies that you think will work well for your business.

  • Credentials and certifications: Verify the agency’s credentials and certificates to make sure it meets your requirements. Usually these are kept in the footer (at the bottom) of the site.

  • Case studies and client testimonials: A strong SEO agency should have a portfolio of case studies and client testimonials that highlight the outcomes they have obtained for their clients. You can get a decent sense of the agency’s skills and the kinds of outcomes they can produce from this. If these aren’t readily available on the site this could be a red flag.

  • Understand how they perform SEO: It’s crucial to comprehend how a company tackles SEO. Do they adhere to the rules and best practises established by search engines like Google? Do they employ white hat strategies, or do they engage in any unethical actions like purchasing links or taking part in link exchange programmes? This generally won’t be clear on the sites but is something to ask when in a consultation.

  • Consider their experience and expertise: Look for an agency that has a team of experienced and knowledgeable SEO experts. Your specific business objectives and target market should be taken into account in the strategy they can create for you.

  • Evaluate their responsiveness and transparency: Select a company that is up front and honest about the work they do and the processes they use. Any agency worth their salt need to be able to give you regular reports and updates on how your SEO campaign is doing. The reporting schedule that your agency will offer should always be verified beforehand.

  • Good Value for money: Although it’s crucial to spend money on top-notch SEO services, the price should initially be your top priority. Make sure your budget is reasonable and talk about the outcomes you hope to achieve with the funds you have at your disposal. Find a company that provides good value for your money and has competitive pricing.

We have always found that working with an Agency that is somewhat local to you brings with it additional benefits, particularly the ability to visit physical office spaces, arrange a consultation and really refine your marketing strategy with your SEOs. As we are a Surrey based SEO Agency we have many local clients we work with face to face as well as many clients around the country. To arrange a consultation in our Surrey offices make sure to fill out the Contact Us form and we will book you in as soon as possible.

Selecting an SEO Agency

Pros & Cons of selecting an SEO Agency in 2023: 

In 2023, selecting an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agency will be even more important, as SEO techniques are ever evolving and competition continues to increase. When choosing an SEO agency for your business, it’s essential to properly understand the benefits and costs involved.

The Pros of using an SEO Agency

On the positive side, hiring an experienced SEO agency can help you increase your ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) quickly. To increase traffic to your website, an expert team will be able to apply a variety of strategies, including keyword research and content optimization. They should be clear about what processes they are going to perform for you.

A good agency will also be able to provide you with customized strategies tailored specifically for your business’s goals that are based on data-driven insights. However, choosing an agency that’s too big or too small can also have negative consequences. If the agency is too small, it may not have the resources to handle all of your business needs. It may also lack a track record and experience in the industry which could result in lower quality work. 

The Cons of using an SEO Agency

Firstly, there is no guarantee that your business’s website will increase in visibility or rank higher on Google or other search engines. The algorithms are constantly changing and its difficult for any SEO agency to guarantee success on this front as they cannot predict how these changes will affect your rankings over time.

Secondly, SEO is not a quick fix. It takes time to see results and even longer to rank highly for the most profitable keywords in your industry. You have to factor in this delay between your marketing expenditure and the results you will see.

Thirdly, SEO can be expensive, so be sure you have the money set aside to pay for it if you want your company to show up in more searches. It is a long-term investment that may not be the best marketing strategy for a small number of firms, particularly those that are just getting started.

What about alternative marketing channels for your business?

PPC Marketing: While SEO is one of the most consistently reliable digital marketing channels it is not the only one and in some cases can actual be inferior to other digital marketing channels. One such channel that should always be considered in tandem with SEO is Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC). While outside the scope of this article be sure to check out our comprehensive guide to PPC marketing.

Social Media Marketing: Social media is also another essential part of your business marketing strategy. However, it does have its limitations in terms of the number of people you can reach and there are complications in the way you approach the social media marketplace. However, it is a great way to connect with your existing customers and offer them value in the form of discounts, tips, etc. This can help you generate leads and increase your customer base long term.

Email Marketing: You also have email marketing which should not really be considered a separate marketing channel but rather the complimentary channel to all your digital marketing efforts. Be sure to check out our email marketing services here at Intertec and if you require email marketing lists to help grow your business our sister company Prospect 360 is one of the UK’s biggest email list data brokers.

Researching Potential SEO Agencies

Researching Potential Agencies is a critical step in selecting the right SEO agency for your business. It takes time, patience, and an understanding of what to look for when researching potential agencies. As search engine optimization (SEO) continues to evolve, companies need to be sure they are selecting a UK SEO agency that understands current trends and best practices. 

Start by looking at case studies from the agency’s previous clients and exploring their portfolio of work to get an idea of their capabilities. Ask them about their process for creating strategies and optimizing content, as well as what tactics they use for keyword research and link building. Additionally, inquire about how their services affect website performance metrics like bounce rate or organic traffic numbers.

The more detail your prospective agency can provide the more certain you will be on their ability to deliver. If you find they are unable to produce an extensive back catalogue of case studies and results they have produced it is probably best to give them a wide berth.  

Contact Us for a completely free consultation to learn about our 20 years of SEO experience and the results we have repeatedly produced for hundreds of clients.

Checking SEO Agency Credentials & Reviews

Potential clients should always start out looking at a few important factors when assessing potential UK SEO agencies. Such as experience level, areas of specialisation, client results, and overall customer rating. Pairing with an agency that has a proven track record in your industry or a similar industry will add in a layer of security over the results you will later experience.

It is always best to check the Google My Business Reviews and then any third party review platforms like Trust Pilot or Yell for further confirmation.

Making the Right Choice 

With the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, it is essential to stay ahead of the game and make sure that you are making informed decisions when selecting a UK SEO agency for your business. 2023 will bring with it an array of new challenges and opportunities for businesses in terms of online promotion, so now more than ever it is vital to ensure that you are choosing an agency that can offer reliable services and results.

Researching potential agencies before committing should be top priority when selecting an SEO partner; it is important to look at their qualifications, portfolio, client testimonials and any awards they may have won in order to get a sense of their abilities. 

Contact Us and Learn More

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We Also offer these additional services to help you grow and scale your business.

Web Design

We offer website design and development services across the south east. Our professional website designers have a large selection of beautiful, fully functioning websites you can look at for inspiration

SEO Services

We are SEO specialists combining onsite and offsite tactics and approved methods to get your website found in online searches.

PPC Marketing

Our PPC ad services includes keyword research, Ad copywriting, campaign management and analytics reporting to ensure we maximise your ROI.

Social Media Management

Our social media management service ensures your social media channels are always filled with new relevant engaging content to attract, educate and inform visitors and followers of your business.

Marketing Data

Through our sister company Prospect360 we are able to provide you consumer data lists that can be used to target your key audiences. We have access to telephone, email and postal addresses of businesses and the key decision makers.

Top Techniques in Digital Marketing

Top Techniques in Digital Marketing

A big number of online advertisings tendencies seem to circle around two opposing distinct ideas. On one hand we have general humanisation, with content made to your wish, and addressing worries to match the user’s expectancies for better commitment. On the other hand, dealing with the more technical and mechanical characteristics fo the procedure, such as filtering area of the operation that people don’t see, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Here we will cover some of the principals digital marketing strategies of 2021 that are certainly going to give you the edge over the rivalry. Take these tendencies and consider them carefully so you can plan your campaign for the year. Interactive content This is not a new idea, nowadays Interactive Content is a vital practice in digital marketing. This tendency does not only make better the user engagement, it improves their amusement too. They may seem to be insignificant details within the huge structure of things. Nevertheless, it is a very important element of personalisation. Users will feel more personally related with the product.

Collecting the individual’s invaluable data on their preferences is one of the advantages because we can have information about our site or our products. Interactive content requires a high level of knowledge and expertise than some of us don’t have. It is better to give this job to a specialist instead of doing it ourselves. If you are new to interactive content you can work with your local firm, in this way you can pick up their knowledge.

It is easy to find a list of firms by searching online. It is as easy as to type in search “web design agency” and you will have a list of the closer ones to you. Other options are to ask to other local businesses, your local business support agency and to check the recommended firms will help to reduce the list of specialists.

Block ad-blockers Not all the news are positive, unfortunately we have obstacles, and a difficult ones are the ad blockers. The number of users using blocking programs has increased, brands and marketers are experiencing problems because it successfully cuts off their main traffic stream, even the pay per click advertising. Hence, if you the damage is not significant you may decide to leave your setup as it is, but if that is not the case you will want to make some changes to your marketing budget that will give you more productive strategies.

Digital marketing techniques will not always produce the same result and what used to work for us it does not now. This is the reason why you have to be up to date of the recent trends. In this way you will aim to better results, and you will be a good competitor to your rivals in your market.

Multimedia SEO Search Engine Optimization We all know that we can find videos and images online using keywords. But, do you know that you also can submit them for searches or take the files and make a search for their context?. Huge numbers of users are discovering these techniques in visual searches, it is changing the SEO panorama in general. If you decide to benefit of this technique you need to be sure that your video and image campaign in SEO are up to date and shows the following:

That it contains alt text with all imagine descriptions.

Include images into the sitemap.

Having the targeted SEO keywords on your image’s name of files.

Only use high quality videos and images.

Getting started with dropshipping, image Checkout

Getting started with dropshipping

As a start up business or any new businesses can be scary. As you may have heard at least half of all new businesses fail within five years. However, there are many businesses that can overcome this hurdle of having to run a business.

A good place to start if you wanted to start a new ecommerce business is dropshipping. This business model you will still have an ecommerce business store as usual but instead with dropshipping you don’t need to purchase stock on your store or to deal with deliveries.

Instead you will find a supplier that will offer a dropshipping service for the products that you’re willing to market and sell to your target market. How it works is when someone orders through your store, you will forward the order to your supplier and they will fulfil everything for you from handling the order to delivery all under your brand.

Getting started with dropshipping

Before you get started with dropshipping, you must think on what type of store you will be and what kind of products you would like to sell to your target customers.

To find an ideal or best dropshipping products, you must find the most suitable suppliers who can fulfil your orders from beginning to end. Looking for suppliers offline and online are the best options for you in this case to strike your own deals with manufacturers. Many businesses may not offer dropshipping in most occasion, but they will most likely consider your request and offer the service for you.

With this strategy, you will gain access to products that are not available online. It will allow you to be the unique seller and ensure that you sell the best product in range that nobody else in the online market sells.

Getting traffic to your online store

Once you online store is set up, you need to get potential buyers to visit to gain revenue for your business. There are multiple ways to generate traffic to your ecommerce store, but the most popular and most effective way to do this is by doing paid online advertising, social media marketing and SEO.

If you’re not willing to invest on paid online advertising, SEO is the best option for this to work. Having an effective SEO strategy, this will help you get even more traffic which can be converted into more sales.

With paid advertisements, you need to make sure that you are reaching the right audience. Setting the right target audience will give you a result of just showing your advert to your chosen audiences which again can convert into more sales and higher conversion.

Testing ads and copy

In the dropshipping model, it is very important to plan your paid advertisement carefully to generate clicks and higher conversion rate. Split testing is a must to do in order to find out if it’s going to be a successful paid advertisement. This means to have different type of ads and compare which ads delivers and converts more.

It may take several tests to find out which ad can generate you more sale for your business but carrying out tests will give you an overview of which has the highest possible rate of conversion.


When it comes to starting a new ecommerce business, dropshipping model is an excellent place to start of your business as this method will pull you away from personally fulfilling the orders yourself. The only priority that you have to do is to your branding and focusing on optimizing your ads and website for higher conversion rate.

Improve your search ranking, image Scrabble SEO

10 Tips to improve your search ranking

Have you had enough of advice and now you’re starting to get confused on how SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) works? We will tell you the top 10 tips on this list on how to improve your search ranking to get on the top of the list on search engine websites such as Google, Yahoo etc.

There are so many ways you can discover to improve your rankings on any major search engines. Even the experts of SEO are still trying to find the best results. But here are the ten simple and effective ways to improve your search engine ranking as a result of more traffic to your website and to generate profit from online resources.

1. Post good quality content

Creating a good quality content can be yet challenging. What Google aims to do is to deliver the most helpful content with the most traffic per let’s say a blog. Publishing a content is also all about the keywords being used to increase the traffic to your website.

A good quality content that gives a lot of value to your audiences can gain your website in traffic as what we called organic or direct traffic which is slightly non-reliant to the keywords you’ve used to be found by the public but it’s through referrals and the most important thing is your presence in the organic listings.

2. Post it regularly!

If you created a good quality content or even a content that didn’t really gave you the results of having more traffic to your website. It doesn’t matter! Keep posting regularly improve your content writing skills and soon you’ll see the fast increase of traffic to your website.

3. RESEARCH exceeds all

Competition is tough in the world of SEO as it is currently oversaturated with bloggers and companies aiming to be on the top of the ranking. There are tools available to use for all such as Google Keyword Planner which will help you identify how many people actually use a specific keyword on a monthly basis in any given area. Which is an advantage if you’re looking to run a campaign.

4. Focus your attention on proven positive results

A successful formula to SEO is a positive thing to keep using the same keywords on every content/pages that you will publish on your website. If you’re looking to test new keywords or strategies do as you wish and don’t be afraid to experiment new things but remember to use the existing proven positive results from your previous keywords that has given your website more traffic than it used to have.

5. Optimizing your meta-data

Meta-data on web pages are a must to optimise yet people tend to forget to do this critical process to rank up on listing. Creating an amazing quality content will not get you an instant result of more traffic to your website which means, having a good meta-data set up on a page with your content will increase the chances of your content/page to be noticed by the crawler bots to create a clear insight of that specific content to have a higher chances of ranking up with a well written titles and description which

6. Write headline not just for the readers but also for the search engine

Creating a eye catching headline will attract more readers which is proven to be that 80% of website audiences only read the headline. If your headline is not eye catching enough, there is a high chance that your reader will ignore the whole content. A good headline is not just for your readers but also for the search engine. Use of clever and well-planned keyword for a headline will crawl faster to the search engine bots.

7. Get quality links

Links do also take a huge part of the SEO. Getting a quality link/url from a high qualuty websites can give you a huge advantage of getting discovered and increase numbers of traffic to your website.

8. Generate links from lots of different sources

If you want to rank well, you can focus on just by typing one link. Consider adding yourself to multiple directories to increase the chances of ranking up. The ideal place to get a variety of good quality links is though blogs, forums, bloc comments, social platforms and sometime even associated company websites.

9. The turtle wins the race

Regardless of how good your strategy is you need to move like a turtle as it takes time to build up your rank with a bank of quality content to generate the positive results based on the kind of links to your website. Remaining consistent with your work will always surpass irregular surges of effort from yourself or from your SEO team.

10. Be social

Social media is the biggest platform to posts your content as search engines monitors how active you are on your social media pages such as Facebook & Twitter. It is proven that a business can attract more attention on today’s web users. So get active on social media and build a strong relationship with your audiences/followers to get more likes & shares.

Here in Intertec, we can help you grow your business and improve your search rankings. We will take care of everything on the marketing side of your business. Find out more by calling us on 01276 691199

Data Loss, Image internal of PC


Small to Big businesses biggest threat is based on a user error which can be a result of losing a large sum of money which is averaging at £3,936 per breach. The most common example why this occurs is when an employee sends an email to the wrong person which can cause a potential breach to a business. With Intertec Data Solutions cloud services, we can help you reduce these risks. Call us today on 01276 691 199 – We can find the perfect solution you can count on.

Protecting your business from cybercrime, Image had pointing to the word security

Protecting your business from cybercrime

Cybercrime can affect any business and is becoming increasingly sophisticated. There are several ways you can reduce this risk to occur in any businesses. Follow the five very simple steps to protect your business today.

1. Stay Alert

Staying alert is a must in our everyday work life as we often have our business devices wherever we are, any time of the day, so it is crucial to remain cautious by only using approved, secure business devices and networks.

2. Make It Two

Single password for multiple email accounts can be easily hacked into which are most likely the cause of cybercrimes. Adding a second layer of protection or using different combination of passwords will reduce the risk of cybercrime to happen. In some occasions, there are business applications or email platforms that will have a second layer of protection such as one-time pin which are sent to your authorized or set device to send a pin – which will make it much more harder for hackers to gain unauthorised access to your account.

3. Share and Learn

Over two thirds of cybercrime results are from human error. This often happens when your staff may or accidentally clicked on suspect links, open infected attachments or simplest way is losing a device or a document. When this happens, it’s always helpful for other employees to share and learn by providing cybercrime awareness training to minimise the chances of being affected by cybercrime.

4. Know Your Scams

Fraudulent emails have costs businesses around the world millions. All employees must at least be able to identify fraudulent emails such as fake email accounts resembling legitimate ones, making funds requests to bank accounts etc. All staffs should be able to understand these scams in order to reduce the risks of numerous scams that could potentially harm the business.

5. Encrypt To Protect

Encrypting your data can make it hard and unreadable for hackers by applying a secret key to a document or to a hardware that can contain confidential files, or any information related to the business. This will provide an extra layer of security for your customer and business data especially if any of your devices are lost, stolen or compromised. Most of the latest or modern technology has a functionality to encrypt data which comes as standard now, it just needs to be activated. One of the highest profile attack that was caused by a cyber-attack was on the NHS in 2017. Medical and healthcare practices are the most vulnerable victims in cybercrime compared to any other market sector. As they hold hundreds or thousands of personal information from their patients which has the highest chances of being attacked and captured by hackers as those information’s are very vulnerable to attack.

Intertec Data Solutions urges all businesses to take into account that every layer of security such as Email Security/Encryption and SSL Certificate must be considered to protect your business from cybercrime, as this can provide your business a guaranteed peace of mind before you become a victim to cybercrime.

To find out more on how to keep your business protected from cybercrime call us on 01276 691199.

Blogging helps your SEO Image scale letters BLOG

Is Blogging All it is Cracked up to be?

These days everyone seems to have a blog. Kids are doing it, businesses are doing it, celebrities are doing it, even tired Mums are doing it.

It is a great way to attract new clients and sales enquiries. If you blog regularly about the core areas of your business, then you assert yourselves as experts in your field and will be at the fore front in the minds of your readers. Potential customers need to feel that a company has expertise they can trust and by pushing your company forward in this way, you become the obvious choice.

Blogging gives people a sense of getting to know you before they actually contact you. If potentialcustomers like what you say and how you say it then you have won half the battle already.

It gives you a huge reach and allows you to share yourthoughts and ideas with an almost unlimited number of people. Blogging gives you the potential to build your own publications and media assets. The number of bloggers turned authors is growing by the day almost.

Blogging helps your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Search Engines and Google especially love unique and new text. If you are regularly updating your website with new and unique text, then Google will reward you with higher rankings.

It will also help to build your social media and business networking following. Social Media such as Facebook and Instagram and business forums such as LinkedIn is the obvious way to promote your blog. This way you are giving your contacts regular, interesting and relevant information that will help grow awareness of your business and brand.

One negative aspect of blogging is that it can take up a large amount of time and businesses often cannot commit to that. It’s best to go down the little and often route and get your thoughts, opinions and business expertise published on a regular basis. This means it will not take up too much of your time and you can still reap the rewards of a prominent online presence.

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Is Your Website Dead or Just Having a Nap?

How is your website perform right now? If it’s doing well then carry on doing what you are doing, that’s great.

However, if you have noticed a decrease in visitor traffic, less sales leads coming through or your conversions are down then you need to do something about it and quick.

Here are some top tips to give your website a kick start and to wake it up from its nap.

**News Flash**

If your website isn’t easy to use, then it isn’t going to be used…

  • Use eye catching headings to highlight important topics.
  • Use bullet points so that people can scan read
  • Make the navigation simple and intuitive
  • Make the font sizes easy to read
  • Make it accessible to all
  • Include a comprehensive search function so that people can quickly and accurately find what they are looking for.
  • It must be mobile responsive – A huge percentage of searches are done on mobile devices these days, so you have to make sure that your website adjusts quickly to fit the screen size of any kind of device.
  • Nothing will make people leave your site quicker than a website that doesn’t load properly onto their phone.

People have come to your site to answer questions that are specific. Don’t have them distracted by unimportant stuff. The text needs to be brief, concise and to the point. Have a look at what is written there now as see if you can tweak it to increase its impact.

One of the things that Google rates very highly is social signals. Are you making it easy for your content to be shared on social media platforms? Do you have videoscommunicating the personality of your business? Happiness has a real impact on visitor engagement.

Does it have calls to action? Does it ask you to “Buy Now”, “Contact us”, “Sign Up now”? Whatever it is that you want the visitor to do you need to actually ask them, several times. Make sure your contact details are on the footer, so they appear on every page and put calls to action everywhere. On banners, and in the text. This will give people a chance to engage on many levels.

In surveys speed of loading comes out as the number 1 reason people leave a website. We’ve all become so impatient. If a page doesn’t load in 3 seconds or less, we’re gone. If your pages load slowly, I can guarantee that it’s causing you to lose business.

Thereis all sorts of technical stuff I could tell you about here, but the bottom line is you need to speed it up.