Anti-Virus Solutions for Business

  What is Bit Defender Anti-Virus?
To this modern age, there are ever evolving threats such as malwares which could be an easy target to businesses whether you’re a small or medium companies to hackers as this is proven according to studies that more than 55% of businesses are impacted to cyber-attacks.

Here at Intertec Data Solutions, our aim is to protect your data’s and systems to the highest standards to protect you from any sorts of threats that can take impact to your business by installing the most reliable and secure software called Bitdefender.

Why choose Bit Defender Anti-Virus?
Bit Defender will keep your enterprise safe against an ever-evolving Cyber Threats to date as this software always stays up to date to any threats and viruses that could harm any small to medium businesses. Which means that it will destroy malwares with near-perfect precision in order to eliminate the threat before it causes problem to your business systems and customers. Anti-Ransomware is also a feature of Bit Defender. This is essential for small to medium businesses to have as an additional layer of security to protect all your datas which can be crucial once a hacker get access to your systems.

Intertec will make sure to give you the full security solution to protect your customers and most importantly your business.
If you want to know more or interested on adding this extra layer of security to your business, call us to find out more.


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