Blogging for the Win

Every business would like more website traffic and highly targeted leads.

You can generate large amounts of traffic without having to spend a fortune on PPC or other methods that cost your business money.

This theory has come about by checking website analytics and seeing that an increasing amount of website traffic and prospective clients are coming to the website via the blog page.

Google continuously changes the algorithms they use to determine where your website appears on the organic listings. This mean that one day you could be riding high on page one of the search results and the next you can be cast out to the depths of page six. Google place much of the emphasis on the content of your site as the most important qualifier as to how your website is ranked. This means that a blog is hugely important as you can pack it full of high quality, relevant content.

You should switch your emphasis from trying to get people to your homepage to trying to get them to your blog. How long people spend on your site is also an important factor for Google. If people, click on your pages and then leave immediately then Google will assume that this is because of the pages poor content and your site will be ranked accordingly.

You need to use catchy headline and blog titles in links to get people to delve further into your site to find out more. Assuming that the content is relevant and interesting then there is a good chance that the visitor will stick around and read the piece.

This is a winner on 2 levels. Google will see the increased traffic and time people are spending on your site, love it and then rank it accordingly. It also allows you to start a relationship with your readers.

The good news is, that if you are committed to providing high quality content then that makes it a lot easier to make it to the top of the search rankings and to be recognized as experts in your field. Blogging does indeed take time and effort but as Google loves and rewards you for changing and updating content regularly, I think it is a must for today's websites.


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