Blogging, Is it All It's Made Up To Be?

Through the power of the internet everyone is able to write just about anything they want to and get it in front of a global audience.

Blogging is something that even kids are able to do these days but the big question is - Is it worthwhile for business and if so in what way?

With the Google ranking algorithms in their current form, yes, blogging is one of the major to do points in any online marketing strategy. Why, you ask?

Let me explain:

You can attract new clients and inquiries

By blogging about your main product/service you can really narrow down to getting some focussed inquiries. If you keep up a regular stream of information relating to specific areas you can very quickly establish yourselve as a font of knowledge and expertise in that field. If you can do that you engender trust in regular visitors as you provide them with more information and continue to be of use.

It helps build relationships

A blog gives visitors an insight into what you do for those that don't necessarily want to make an enquiry on their first vists to your website. They can also get a better idea of how you can help them and how your product/service fits into their business plan.

The reach it gives is second to none

The internet isn't known as the worldwide web for nothing. By regularly putting information out onto your blog you'll be putting your company out for the world to see. It exponentially broadens the potential visitors you'll get to your website.

Blogging helps in your SEO

As I had mentioned earlier the current algorithms that Google uses to rank websites picks blogs as a must have feature. It'll take more than just having one however as you get bonus points for regularly updating it.

Your social media following will get boosted too

One of the best ways to promote a blog is through social media. By doing that you not only get your blog out to more people but your social media rankings will increase as you promote your various articles through your profiles.

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