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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important aspect of online marketing. It helps businesses reach their target audience by increasing visibility on search engines like Google. (SEO) Search engine optimisation is the process of improving the ranking of a website in search results. Our SEO services are available for both small business owners and large corporations. So what is the first step to nailing your web page optimisation?

Keyword Research

This is one of the most important aspects of SEO. You need to find out what people are searching for when they type keywords into the search bar.

There are several ways to do keyword research. One of the easiest methods is to use a free service called Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Simply enter your targeted keywords into the box provided and click “Search”. A list of suggested keywords will appear. These are some of the most popular searches performed by users. Google is the best keyword research tool as they are providing data based on what people are actually searching. There are other keyword search tools but to get the best results we use Google and Google Search Console.

Website Audit For SEO

Once you have identified keywords, it’s time to check whether your website is optimized for them.

You should also make sure that your site has been properly indexed by search engine spiders. This means that the pages on your site are visible to search engines. If your site isn’t listed, then it won’t show up when people perform searches. Again this is where you want to use Google Search Console to make sure your web pages are indexed. It is a simple procedure and these tools a free to use. In fact if you are not using them, please start to do so and they can provide great information on your website.

Link Building 

Link building is where the heavy lifting takes place.

The next step is to build links from other websites to yours, and link your own pages internally so that Google can see which pages are most important.

There are two main ways to do this: Guest posting and back linking. It needs some serious effort but you need to do this step as it’s a numbers game and you want more links than your competitors.

Content Creation

Create high quality content that will help your business stand out from the crowd.

If you’re looking to improve your website’s ranking, then you need to focus on creating high quality content. This means writing unique articles that answer questions people might ask when searching for products or services related to your industry. You should also make sure that your content is easy to read and understand so that users stay engaged with your site.

Social Media Marketing

Promote your business through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

In addition to promoting your business on social media sites, you can use them to interact with customers directly. By posting updates about new products, special offers, and other relevant news, you can keep your followers informed and encourage them to share your posts with others. This step is easily overlooked. Content creators are so busy creating the content they neglect to share it with the world. There are so many different places you can share so get creative.

If you would like to know more how we can help you, call us today for a free consultation. At the very minimum you will have a SEO road map to follow, or we can take the stress away and do it fro you.

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So, If you want to get found online with Intertecs SEO Services and you are in the Hampshire, Surrey or London area call us today for a free consultation. Tel: 01276 691199

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SEO Services Surrey

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Get Found Online with Intertec SEO Services Hampshire

Our SEO Services in Hampshire and Surrey improve how well your website appears on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and others. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This helps people find your site when they type keywords into the search bar.

SEO Keyword Research & Analysis

If you want to rank higher in search results, you need to make sure your website contains relevant keywords. You also need to analyse those keywords so you can determine whether they are popular enough to attract visitors.

Submit every new URL for inspection

It can take a few days for Google to find your URL. During that time, you’re refreshing your Search Console data to check any immediate impact. But there isn’t any, Google doesn’t know your content exists yet. Better to get the URL re-indexed as quickly as possible.

SEO Technical Audit Service

If you need help with your website, our SEO experts can perform a technical audit of your website. They will check the code behind your website and identify any issues that might affect your rankings.

On Page Optimisation

Once we have identified any potential issues, we will work to resolve them by implementing changes to your site. These changes will improve your search engine ranking and ensure that your website gets found online.

Off Page Optimisation

Off page optimisation refers to activities that occur outside of your website. This includes things such as social media posts, press releases, blog articles, and more. All of these activities help to build links back to your website, which improves your search engine rankings.

So, If you want to get found online with Intertecs SEO Services and you are in the Hampshire, Surrey or London area call us today for a free consultation. Tel: 01276 691199

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About Us

We are a website design, development and marketing agency established in 2003. We also design, develop, project manage and maintain small and large bespoke online software applications, including mobile applications. Also we carry out (with great success!) online promotion of websites through the most popular search engines via Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay per Click (PPC), A well established Marketing list / marketing database broker, supplying business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) lists and databases for marketing, market research and sales via postal, telephone and email contact channels

website security best practices, Image of a padlock with the words website security

Website Security Best Practices Tips And Tricks

Website security is an important part of keeping your personal information safe online. Hackers are constantly trying to steal your data, so it’s important that you take steps to keep yourself protected. In this article we look at some website security best practices for you to follow.

Install an SSL Certificate.

An SSL certificate encrypts your website connection between your computer and the server, making it more difficult for hackers to intercept your data. It also helps prevent others from impersonating your site by using your domain name.

Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

2FA is an extra layer of security that requires users to enter a second piece of information when logging in to your account. This makes it harder for hackers to access your account without knowing both your username and password. You can enable two factor authentication on your Google Account by going to “Account Settings > Security > Sign-in & app settings > Password & sign-in options > Turn on two-factor verification.”

Disable Unnecessary Plugins.

If you use WordPress as your website platform, there are plugins available that will help you keep your site secure. One such plugin is WordFence. It scans your site for vulnerabilities and alerts you if any exist. Another option is, which provides free daily scans of your site.

Update Software Regularly.

Make sure you update your software regularly. This includes both your operating system and applications. You should also make sure that you have installed security updates for those programs.

Back up your site regularly.

If you use WordPress as your website platform, there are plugins available to help you back up your site automatically. These plugins will backup your entire site every day, so you won’t need to worry about manually backing up your site.

Don’t risk losing your data. Did you know you can lose it even in the cloud!

Top Techniques in Digital Marketing

Top Techniques in Digital Marketing

A big number of online advertisings tendencies seem to circle around two opposing distinct ideas. On one hand we have general humanisation, with content made to your wish, and addressing worries to match the user’s expectancies for better commitment. On the other hand, dealing with the more technical and mechanical characteristics fo the procedure, such as filtering area of the operation that people don’t see, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Here we will cover some of the principals digital marketing strategies of 2021 that are certainly going to give you the edge over the rivalry. Take these tendencies and consider them carefully so you can plan your campaign for the year. Interactive content This is not a new idea, nowadays Interactive Content is a vital practice in digital marketing. This tendency does not only make better the user engagement, it improves their amusement too. They may seem to be insignificant details within the huge structure of things. Nevertheless, it is a very important element of personalisation. Users will feel more personally related with the product.

Collecting the individual’s invaluable data on their preferences is one of the advantages because we can have information about our site or our products. Interactive content requires a high level of knowledge and expertise than some of us don’t have. It is better to give this job to a specialist instead of doing it ourselves. If you are new to interactive content you can work with your local firm, in this way you can pick up their knowledge.

It is easy to find a list of firms by searching online. It is as easy as to type in search “web design agency” and you will have a list of the closer ones to you. Other options are to ask to other local businesses, your local business support agency and to check the recommended firms will help to reduce the list of specialists.

Block ad-blockers Not all the news are positive, unfortunately we have obstacles, and a difficult ones are the ad blockers. The number of users using blocking programs has increased, brands and marketers are experiencing problems because it successfully cuts off their main traffic stream, even the pay per click advertising. Hence, if you the damage is not significant you may decide to leave your setup as it is, but if that is not the case you will want to make some changes to your marketing budget that will give you more productive strategies.

Digital marketing techniques will not always produce the same result and what used to work for us it does not now. This is the reason why you have to be up to date of the recent trends. In this way you will aim to better results, and you will be a good competitor to your rivals in your market.

Multimedia SEO Search Engine Optimization We all know that we can find videos and images online using keywords. But, do you know that you also can submit them for searches or take the files and make a search for their context?. Huge numbers of users are discovering these techniques in visual searches, it is changing the SEO panorama in general. If you decide to benefit of this technique you need to be sure that your video and image campaign in SEO are up to date and shows the following:

That it contains alt text with all imagine descriptions.

Include images into the sitemap.

Having the targeted SEO keywords on your image’s name of files.

Only use high quality videos and images.

videos content marketing

Can videos can boost your content marketing ?

Answer is Yes!

Content marketing is something that all businesses need. If a start up business, certainly be include it in your marketing plans.

Content marketing means putting out useful, informative, interesting content through your blog, social media, or perhaps via a newsletter. The content doesn’t directly sell anything to anyone. This content should be about a specific subject within your area of expertise. Although your call to action might be useful, the overall feel should be of an expert imparting useful information, not of someone trying to persuade a potential customer to part with their money.

Although it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when creating your content marketing strategy, creating videos can boost your business in a big way. Video can make a real difference to your business in a way that simple blog posts and Facebook updates cannot.

Making it more interesting for the customer.

Social Media should now be a large part of the parting plan – Customers now expect you to have some sort of social media presence. Being active on social media has a number of benefits for business, and there are many things you can accomplish with your social presence, such as performing customer service, engaging customers, generating leads, expanding your audience, driving sales, increasing web traffic, gaining valuable insights and feedback from customers. Here’s some information to help guide you:

Facebook: the largest platform, has over 2 billion-plus active monthly users

LinkedIn: the platform for business networking can be used by both B2B and B2C businesses

Twitter: whose platform is immediacy – can be great for information like breaking news, announcements, and trending topics Come check in on our facebook page

Quality Copywriting service, Image written content on a laptop

Why a quality copywriting services is vital for your Business

Content marketing is essential for start ups to grow and succeed, especially in competitive markets. However, developing a powerful content marketing plan hinges on finding quality copywriting services. Copywriting is more than just words, it is a combination of creativity and skill. Quality copy intrigues the readers to wanting to learn more while satisfying search engines for higher rankings. Every business content needs to be actionable, informative, enticing, visible, and conversion ready. But creating content can prove difficult for start ups. Why? Bringing a solution to life is what you’re good at, not producing content assets.

In fact, the top three content marketing challenges are creating content that nets leads, drives traffic, and connects with the target audience.

Outsource Marketing, Image think outside the box

5 reasons to outsource your marketing in 2021

Do you want to improve your business and get more out of your time this year ? (what business owner doesn’t, right?) One of the best things you could do this year is outsource your marketing to us!

Here are five reasons why outsourcing marketing makes sense right now.

1. You get the best Marketing Specialist & their Skills

Great marketing is creating and developing great content and messages that connect with your audience – thats a skill – it is actually a specialist skill. You keep to what you are good at, and let the marketeers do what the are good at. You may need graphic designer, a copywriter and social media expert – its best to hire the right people from the start. And that’s just for starters. Your website also needs to be at its best functionality. Here at Intertec marketing agency we cover all these skills and more.

2. New Ideas & Option’s

Its great to have an external agency – they can look at new ideas. Sometimes fresh eyes and opinions bring not only new challenges but a great boost injection to your business. We think outside teh box!

3. Flexibility

This can fit around your business needs, you may not need a full time marketing department. But you want to boost a product or area in your business at a certain time. Intertec offer a choice of fee options, from retained monthly fees and attractive flat-fee packages to as-and-when project work.

4. Saving the Pennies

In-house Marketing Specialist can be costly as you may need a team – Graphic designer, Web-developer, Copywriter the list goes on. Intertec has ll that under one roof! That’s why outsourcing can save money in the long run.

5. Time Saver

When you outsource your marketing, you save time allowing the experts to do their job in Marketing adn you to focus on what you are good at. Intertec as the marketing agency can find and identify your audience and target them leaving you to focus on working on what you are experts in.

Intertec are here to help you get more out of your marketing in 2021! Contact us now

move your offline business online, Image Man writing on pad

Ways to do business better in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has made us all change the way we do business, permanently. While challenges certainly remain, there are many ways that small businesses can adapt in order to survive and even thrive. We have selected some of the best advice of 2020 to help make 2021 a much better year.

Starting a business

Government data shows that record numbers of small businesses have been launched since the first lockdown in March.

Got an idea for a business but not sure if the time is right? Starting up – if not now, when?


Keeping overheads low has never been more important.

Digital accounting apps allow you to record your income and expenditure in real time – and check your tax liability in a few clicks.

Find out what you can claim when you’re working from home. Claiming the costs of using your home as a workplace.

Financial apps can save you time and money but which one to pick? Seven considerations before investing in SMB accounting software

Get the right insurance for your new business. A guide to business insurance for start-ups

Keeping your staff and customers safe means avoiding cash transactions. Getting paid remotely – a guide for beginners

Managing your people

Productivity is a key issue when you and your team are working remotely. Lacking productivity? Here’s how project management software can help

Is working from home affecting team morale? Popular virtual team building exercises


Source Data find a good Data List Broker

Video is a key part of the marketing mix – now more than ever. Five tips to give your marketing videos a professional edge While some small firms are fighting to survive, others have found new opportunities, markets and customers as a result of the pandemic. How to grow your business during the pandemic

When it comes to online marketing, conversions are the name of the game. Five tips for a high-converting landing page From web design and SEO to social media and email marketing, data can help you make smarter decisions. When should you use analytics in marketing?

Despite the fact that remote working has become the new normal, many home-based small firms struggle with their brand image. Keeping up appearances when you run a home-based business

Lockdowns mean that many businesses have lost contact with their old customers. Seven ways to re-engage customers that have fallen off the radar


Bricks-and-mortar businesses need an online presence in 2021. Three ways to successfully move your offline business online

Get your systems in place. Five essential tools every start-up should be using

Cloud technology can boost your productivity and make your business more secure. Three ways cloud solutions can improve your business’ future

Registering as a sole trader, Image of a sole trader

Looking at setting up a Business? Registering as a sole trader ?

What is a sole trader? It simply means being self-employed, although sole traders can also have employees.

Being a sole trader involves some personal financial risk. Sole traders must pay their debts if their business fails. If you’re thinking of starting up a low-cost business (ie one that is unlikely to build up big debts), you probably needn’t worry too much.

How to register | Set up as a sole trader To set up as a sole trader, you need to tell HMRC that you pay tax through Self Assessment. You’ll need to file a tax return every year. Why become a sole trader?

Registering as a sole trader is quick, easy and involves no cost, while preparing sole trader accounts is usually quite straightforward. Sole traders can employ people and become a limited company (‘incorporate’) later on, if they want to.

Getting started with dropshipping, image Checkout

Getting started with dropshipping

As a start up business or any new businesses can be scary. As you may have heard at least half of all new businesses fail within five years. However, there are many businesses that can overcome this hurdle of having to run a business.

A good place to start if you wanted to start a new ecommerce business is dropshipping. This business model you will still have an ecommerce business store as usual but instead with dropshipping you don’t need to purchase stock on your store or to deal with deliveries.

Instead you will find a supplier that will offer a dropshipping service for the products that you’re willing to market and sell to your target market. How it works is when someone orders through your store, you will forward the order to your supplier and they will fulfil everything for you from handling the order to delivery all under your brand.

Getting started with dropshipping

Before you get started with dropshipping, you must think on what type of store you will be and what kind of products you would like to sell to your target customers.

To find an ideal or best dropshipping products, you must find the most suitable suppliers who can fulfil your orders from beginning to end. Looking for suppliers offline and online are the best options for you in this case to strike your own deals with manufacturers. Many businesses may not offer dropshipping in most occasion, but they will most likely consider your request and offer the service for you.

With this strategy, you will gain access to products that are not available online. It will allow you to be the unique seller and ensure that you sell the best product in range that nobody else in the online market sells.

Getting traffic to your online store

Once you online store is set up, you need to get potential buyers to visit to gain revenue for your business. There are multiple ways to generate traffic to your ecommerce store, but the most popular and most effective way to do this is by doing paid online advertising, social media marketing and SEO.

If you’re not willing to invest on paid online advertising, SEO is the best option for this to work. Having an effective SEO strategy, this will help you get even more traffic which can be converted into more sales.

With paid advertisements, you need to make sure that you are reaching the right audience. Setting the right target audience will give you a result of just showing your advert to your chosen audiences which again can convert into more sales and higher conversion.

Testing ads and copy

In the dropshipping model, it is very important to plan your paid advertisement carefully to generate clicks and higher conversion rate. Split testing is a must to do in order to find out if it’s going to be a successful paid advertisement. This means to have different type of ads and compare which ads delivers and converts more.

It may take several tests to find out which ad can generate you more sale for your business but carrying out tests will give you an overview of which has the highest possible rate of conversion.


When it comes to starting a new ecommerce business, dropshipping model is an excellent place to start of your business as this method will pull you away from personally fulfilling the orders yourself. The only priority that you have to do is to your branding and focusing on optimizing your ads and website for higher conversion rate.