Business Development & Marketing Consultancy

Business Development & Marketing Consultancy


Sometimes, no matter what the problem, it just helps to talk to someone. In business, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right person to talk to, someone who you can ask a myriad of complicated (or simple) questions and get honest answers from someone who has been there before. That’s the beauty of Intertec consulting,


Intertec have been in business for over a decade, and over that time we have learnt a fair few tips and tricks in the marketing and business world. But we were a new business once too, and we understand the struggles business owners face trying to put their stamp on the big wide world. That’s why we love helping business owners overcome every challenge and succeed; it brings a big grin to our faces and keeps us going every day!


Our consultancy services work on 2 different levels, depending on what you need support with. On 1 level we offer personalised advice about you and your business, and specifically how you can make the most out of the data you have for your marketing efforts. But we also offer a more comprehensive consultation for businesses ready to take the next step in the marketing world. Instead of the generic blueprint for advice and support, we can offer you in depth guidance on your personal marketing strategy and even offer suggestions to help you get there. We believe in the value of experience, and experience is the one thing we have a lot of!


Not only that, but we are one of the few consultants who can not only offer advice on how to overcome your problems, but also help you carry them out. Throughout the entire process you will be dealing with a single entity that really understands what you are trying to achieve and has your best interests at heart. We have gone through the journey from startup to small business, through to medium and large, and we want to help you make the journey as painlessly as possible while making the most of every opportunity. To have a chat with one of our business development or marketing consultants today, just give us a call or drop us an email.


We are a web design agency based in Surrey and our web designers are experts in combining visual appeal with instinctive usability.

We utilise Google approved, white hat optimisation methods to build quality SEO services under your targeted keywords.

We are a results oriented PPC agency and deliver an exceptionally high ROI. PPC is ideal for new websites looking for immediate results.

Intertec also provide business and consumer data lists to help target your key project base. Our lists are suitable for postal, telemarketing and email campaigns.

Intertec develop android apps to convert your business ideas to usable applications for mobile devices to make interacting with your products and services easier for your customers.