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Moodle app development - excellent e-learning platform for learners and educators


Education is not learning the facts, but the training of the mind to think.

  • - Albert Einstein

"Education is the master key to open the doors of success and freedom."

We do agree with this. With the same thought in mind, we are putting our best to spread education and knowledge by using our advanced tools and techniques. Presently, with the advancement in technologies, the level of learning is elevated and for the today’s smarter generation, bookish knowledge is not enough. This generation holds the string of our brighter future.
E-learning is one of the most popular and innovative way of teaching and training to students used by schools, college and other educational institutes to provide knowledge in a practical and interesting manner. We have come forward to take the advanced e-learning tool – Moodle app. E-learning is touching the next level of success with this renowned app.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is the well-renowned and reliable object-oriented open-source learning management system that serves learners and educators. It provides a streamlined virtual learning environment; an outstanding e-learning platform that boosts up the productivity of both teachers and students.

Why choose us for your Moodle app development?

Insight, innovative, informative and integrity are the four I’s of Intertec Data Solutions. We offer dependable and custom tailored moodle development solutions to our clients worldwide. Our team of highly skilled, devoted, and enthusiastic developers put their innovative ideas and technical knowledge to bestow the best, well-functioning Custom Moodle App development exceeding beyond your expectations.
Intertec Data Solutions flourish on the verity that our services are finely engraved to perfectly fit the pockets of our clients. These make us unique and heart winning among our clients and they show their trust towards us. With us, you are assured of getting smooth and cost effective solutions.

What you can get from our developers?

Task-oriented and focused developers with a devotion to create something unique and of high standards, serve you with the best product in a timely manner. We can offer you a comprehensive range of moodle app development services depending on your specific needs and requirements. We feel pride to build long-standing and healthy relations with our clients by giving them an opportunity to deliver their teachings in a healthy and welcoming way.

We offer improved e-learning process along with many more services are in the pipe line including –

  • Custom moodle App development
  • Moodle Customization
  • Modules Development
  • Custom Modules Integration
  • website Maintenance
  • Learning System Development
  • Programming Services
  • Custom Moodle Themes & installation, etc.

What can you do with our Moodle mobile app?


With our spectacular, easy-to-operate, and groundbreaking Moodle app development, you get great power to -

  • Create courses based on distinct topics, subcategories, and week categories
  • Arrange themes according to the courses
  • Easy grading system in numbers, scales, or letters
  • Apply distinct media type for attractive course content formation
  • Upload audio and video content And much more the entire under a single platform.

So, trust us, put a step ahead towards the world of a successful education system, and spread knowledge with ease.


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