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Why Digital Marketing Doesn’t Work

The world of digital marketing is complex and highly competitive. Understanding how to position your business correctly and utilise the numerous marketing channels correctly requires a lot of specialist knowledge and experience.

As digital marketing exposes your business to the world you have access to a much larger pool of prospective customers than traditional direct marketing channels – however, you are also competing with a significantly larger pool of competitors.

Being exposed to the world through the various channels means you have to be able to filter your marketing efforts to only target customers relevant to your business. Too broad in your filtering and you will overspend and waste money targeting people who aren’t interested in your services. Too narrow in your filtering you might not get enough reach to sustain your business.

Understanding how to filter your marketing efforts whilst competing against a large pool of international competition requires a lot of knowledge and experience with the various marketing channels. Attempting to compete in the enormous digital marketing space without the right knowledge will result in poor results. Typically most businesses performing improper digital marketing experience a negative ROI. Causing many businesses to give up on digital marketing, believing that it doesn’t work without ever experiencing the significant rewards it can bestow.

What You Need A Digital Marketing Agency For

The reason digital marketing is so difficult is because digital marketing channels are constantly evolving. The Channels have to constantly change their systems to remain relevant in the digital marketing space. Keeping up with these changes is a full time job – what worked in PPC last year might result in massive losses this year.

Digital marketing agency google adwords to google ads

Digital marketing agencies specialise in keeping up to date with these channels, understanding the changes as they happen then figuring out the best way to use the platforms moving forward. As most businesses simply do not have the resources to manage this on top of the day to day operation of their business they outsource their digital marketing efforts to an agency.

As digital marketing agencies will always execute better for your business on the various channels due to their specialised knowledge and extensive experience using them most companies outsource to an agency. This common practice is why most companies have such a low probability of success with their digital marketing efforts.

Generally all but the largest companies outsource their digital marketing to an agency. So when you are competing with your local competitors, if their marketing efforts are handled by a digital marketing agency you are trying to compete with extremely experienced experts in the field. What this means is your efforts will likely be costly in terms of time spent and budget expended, yet your results will be insignificant or an outright loss for your company.

As digital marketing Agencies spend all day everyday working with digital marketing channels through lots of different companies we develop systems that provide repeatable results for all our clients. If we weren’t able to provide a positive ROI for our clients through these marketing channels we would not remain in business very long. The fact that Intertec Data Solutions has been in business for over 20 years is testament to the fact that we are experts in our field who deliver consistently positive results for our clients.

Digital Marketing Agency with 20 years experience

Digital Marketing Services We Offer At Intertec Data Solutions

Digital Marketing Consultancy Service

As the field of digital marketing is complex we first must understand your needs and the needs of the business. Once we understand what you want to see in terms of results and understand what budget you have allocated to your marketing efforts we will be able to pair your business up with the right marketing channel.

We will then map out the work that needs to be done and with your approval we will get to work delivering the results you want to see.

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Search Engine Optimisation Service (SEO)

Search engine optimisation needs to be at the backbone of any serious digital marketing effort. SEO enables your business to be positioned at the top of search engines when people search for services/products your business offers. Over 60% of all clicks on search engines (Google, Bing) are directed to the top 3 search results.

Ensuring you appear in the top 3 search results is paramount to the long term success of your business. Driving free traffic to your website indefinitely as long as the top 3 positions are maintained.

Google search results top three search results - digital marketing agency

Being able to get your pages to rank highly for search queries related to your business is something that Intertec Data Solutions has specialised in for over 20 years.

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Pay Per Click Marketing Service (PPC)

Pay per click marketing refers to the broad field of marketing that involves paying to display an advert. While generally not as big a driver of traffic as SEO the traffic that is driven to your website will be highly targeted and likely to convert to paying customers.

The main platform to focus on is Google Ads but PPC expands to other platforms including Social Media platforms as discussed below.

There are a few distinct types of PPC advertising that most business will want to focus on:

PPC Search

PPC Shopping

PPC Display

PPC Re-marketing

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Email Marketing

Capturing a customer is 50% of the work as a business, keeping the customer is the other 50%. Email marketing ensures that customers you have already worked hard to win over will become customers over and over again.

Planning and creating an effective email campaign takes time and lots of testing. You want to first develop a way to incentivise your customers to join your mailing list. You then need to develop offers that work for your customers to encourage them to return and spend again with your business.

Email campaign planning and executing from the intial stage of building your list to setting up advanced A/D split tests to ensure your emails have the best conversion rates possible is a staple service we have offered for over 20 years at Intertec.

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Email List

On top of email marketing we are also one of the UK’s biggest and most reputable email list providers. Through our sister company ‘prospect360’ we are able to supply your business with the largest B2B and B2C lists in the UK.

email list marketing agency - prospect360

All GDPR compliant, with Geographical Targeting and a minimum 95% accuracy rate – Click Here to learn more about Prospect360 & our Email List Service.

Social Media Marketing

Within the ever changing space of Social Media platforms there is a high degree of nuance between utilising the individual platform’s marketing channels. Different platforms require completely different strategies and are a good fit for different businesses at different times in their development.

Social Media Marketing agency in surrey

Allow us to remove the headache of understanding which social media platform to use by taking over the management of your Social Media Marketing and if you decide, the complete management and optimisation of all your businesses social media channels.

We offer:

Facebook Management and Marketing

Instagram Management and Marketing

Twitter Management and Marketing

Pinterest Management and Marketing

LinkedIn Management and Marketing.

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We Also offer these additional services to help you grow and scale your business.

Web Design

We offer website design and development services for London and the South East. Website designers have a portfolio of visually engaging and fully functioning websites