Do People Really Understand What You Do?

Do your prospective customers have an excellent understanding of what it is that your services can do for them? Are the reasons why they should choose you over your competitors clear enough?
A lot of owners of small businesses don't manage to get that message across clearly enough to their audience and whilst you might know what you do your prospects need to know too.
The message needs to be clear as to what you can do and the benefit it will provide them that none of your competitors can match.

Key Points to Consider
There are three specific points that should form the bedrock of your message:

What service(s) do you provide and what is it is specifically that you do?
Whilst you may understand the jargon and words of your trade the chances are your prospects don't so use clear and simple language to explain what you do, it'll help them on the road to understanding you. You can also use it outside of any marketing campaigns in that you'll have a ready perpared line or two should anyone ask 'you what do you do?'

What benefits will be gained from using your service?
People want to know what they're going to get out of any business transaction, especially during an exchange of funds, so tell them in no uncertain terms how your service will make their lives easier.

Why, out of all of the competition out there, should they choose you?
Tell your prospects exactly why you're better than the rest of your competitors, what it is that makes you different from the countless other businesses who offer the exact same service. If you can show them you've got that something unique then the chances are they'll be much more inclined to do business.

It may seem easy enough while you're reading this but remember that it will take time and effort but that effort will pay off. If you can find that winning formula then you'll be guaranteed to be reeling them in. The simplicity comes from the concept that all you want is for others to understand you and your business and with that understanding they'll see why you're better than all rest.

Erase any Doubt
It might not sounds like a huge problem in and of itself but sometimes even the smallest bit of doubt can ruin an entire deal, no matter the size. The tiniest doubt over anything from the quality to the ease of use of a product/service poses a huge problem and one you have to eliminate.
So try to see things from their point of view, consider yourself a prosepct who has found your business and take into account the huge commitment and risk they may be taking in placing their faith in you. Then design counter-measures, additional information you can provide in order to calm their fears and give them the conviction that they're safe in working with you.

Use this to form the basis of any campaign and even general information on your website and you'll have an instant advantage over the competition

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