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Facebook app development – Result-oriented approach to engage and entertain customers

“Facebook is like a fridge, there is nothing new, but people keep checking it many times”

In the present era, the trend of social networking sites like Facebook is increasing at a rate that people can live without food, but cannot survive without Facebook!
Jokes apart, Facebook is the most popular social network with over a billion of active users. So why not make it useful for your business. About 1.3 million of them (constantly growing in numbers) are using different apps in their routine. Is your Facebook App one of them?

What is a Facebook App?

Facebook app is an outstanding interactive software application developed in order to use the core technologies of the Facebook platform for creating an all-embracing social media skeleton for the app. Facebook Apps incorporate fantastic features of Facebook counting Notifications, News Feed, and other features to engender awareness and concentration in the app by Facebook users.

What can Facebook app development do for your business?

Through a Facebook App, you can effortlessly conduct various quiz contests, import your blog, interact with your customers, and inform them about your new product launch, services you are bringing, collect email sign-ups,  and lots more, without worrying about getting spammed. Today’s generation loves glam and creativity, through your own Facebook app you can openly express your art and promote business.
A well-designed Facebook app opens the gold mine of customers for your business expansion and its overall growth. Beyond likes and shares, it can aid you in getting amplified traffic, more engaged users to your business website and spine in profits.

What can we as a Facebook app development agency do for you?

Intertec, is the most trust-worthy and top-notch Facebook application development agency expertise in designing, developing and maintaining different apps to suit your specifications. Our experienced team of developers can create exclusive Fb app for your business that will help you to reach your audience by organizing games, quizzes, sweepstakes, trivia, challenges, giveaway, special discounts, and offers, details about your latest products and much more in an attractive and easy manner.

We provide the most preferred types of Facebook apps including –

For brand awareness:

Pick the Favorites – Pick your favorite is the best and most liked app among individuals. You can use it to drive sharing easily in an innovative approach. It will encourage user to express their likings and on evaluation you would understand the interest of your potential customers and it will give you scope of improvement.

Fashion Contest App

Quizzes – Quizzes are most engaging and viral campaigns you can run on Facebook. It is a fun activity where people would love to share their knowledge and win gifts. This will help you to promote and attract more and more participants towards your site as a result improve brand awareness and direct interaction.

Receipe Contest Facebook App
Little Star Contest Facebook App
Trivia – Trivia is a good approach to grab adventure-loving customers. Involving interesting trivia would give many benefits to your customers, as it will boost their memory, improves cognition, and reduce stress. Thus, you have a better chance to form strong bonding with your users.
For campaigns:
Coupons - It will attract more consumers towards your products and services. People will feel interested and close towards your deals and they will show trust in your services and offerings.
Giveaway - It will grow your social network, generate leads, increased social presence, save time and money. It is a great way to show your appreciation.
Sweepstakes - It provides efficient and simple mode to recruit new fans, facility to schedule your draws’ date and time, perk up virality. It also gives ease to identify cheaters easily and you can ban them if you want.

Why choose us for your Facebook app development?

We bring a lot more on your table than others can. We begin building Facebook applications by signifying the strategies and roadmaps to provide robust, feature-rich applications with a striking interface. We have award-winning experience in Facebook app development that helps us to offer an app that gives -
  • You power to innovate with engaging concepts.
  • A mutual approach in the direction you drive.
  • High quality, fair prices, and punctual completion
  • Excellent marketing potential
  • Outbound links.

So, get ready to enjoy and serve a huge crowd of happy and willing customers around you with our Facebook app development services.


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