Getting Clients on Your List

You've got your website set up and your offers are ready to be delivered to the prospects that visit to your site. Question is, how do you get them on to your mailing list? There are a couple of key points to check in order to increase our opt in rate.

Firstly, you need to make sure you're offering prospects something of real value, something that they really want. If you don't then they won't want to give you their contact information.   The best way to figure out what it would be for any given clientbase is to put yourself in their shoes. Consider what the single biggest problem your prospects have and how your services can help overcome that problem.   To get some extra credits with them try writing a white paper or a report on that very thing and offer it to prospects for free.

Second, you have to sell it to them in the right way.   Entice them with careful wording, we've all seen how clickbait draws hits to websites. You need to do the same with your offer. You could go with the basic 'Download your free business growth report' or put down something that will draw attention "Discover 10 new ways to boost your profits in the next 60 days"

Third, don't ask for every last bit of your prospects family history. Keep it simple. After all, you only need their email address to add them to your list.   Try to go further and ask for a name as well, that way you can personalise any follow up activities.   Telephone numbers can be hit and miss, for most they'll more than likely decrease the number of opt ins. The reason being that most people who are having to search for specific services are likely looking at at least half a dozen different sources and so might not have time to take a call. It also removes any nerves they may have about you caling them to press home an offer long before they've even considered something.   With an email it's all neatly wrapped up in a branded package for them to review as and when they need.

Fourth, positioning is key.   When looking at any website the natural instinct is to look for any form of sign up boxes in the top right hand corner of the page. It's familiar and will be noticed much more if yours is in the same position.   Be sure to have it present on every page as well, not just your homepage. You have to make sure the opportunity is available on any page a prospect visits, they could make their decision on any page.

Finally, make sure you use positive wording on the button.   It has to be positive and affirmative.   Colour plays a part as well. Green is known to be the best colour to use, bright blue is another.

If you can combine all of the above then you'll be on a sure path to increase the number of prospects opting in to your mailing list.   Remember never to be afraid of changing things, the above points are a guide.   If certain wording isn't working then change it and try something new.   It's all about trial and error until you find the winning formula for your business.

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