Getting The Most Out Of Your Website

If your website is losing visitors and your conversion rates are dropping then you need to take action immediately.
Assuming your website hasn't disppeared under the waves you can save that sinking ship by assesing the current situation in the context of the following steps and take action.

How easy is it to use?
The vast majority of people when faced with diffculty in a situation they'll look for the easy way out, if even that is too difficult they'll walk away. The point I'm trying to make is that your website has to be easy to use for all of your visitors, if it's not then they'll avoid it. Review the following points to make sure your visitors can glide through your website:
  • • Headers a the top of the page highlight important categories/topics
  • • Visitors find it easier to scan bullet pointed lists than read vast chunks of information.
  • • Make it easy to navigate, it should be intuitive.
  • • Ensure you're using an easy to read font and font size.
  • • Consider adding a search option so visitors can swiftly find the page(s) they need.

Go Mobile
Over 50% of all internet searches are done on some form of mobile device.
Find out whether your website is 'responsive' (has a mobile version) and if it is then make sure it fits all devices and screen sizes comfortably. If it's not then make it responsive, with the phenomenal increase in the use of mobile devices people want to be able to access your site easily when on the go.

Are you staying focused?
Don't have bits of distracting artwork or unimportant bits of information scattered across your page(s), it draws the attention of the visitor away from the places you want them to go.
They've visited your page for a very specific reason, usually because they have a problem that they think your product/service may be able to solve. So don't waste their time, make sure they can get the answers they need as efficiently as possible.
With any information provided make sure you're not waffling, try and keep your content to the essential points needed to make a decision.

Social Media
Google loves social media because it's one of the fastest ways to share content.
You might have the next big thing in our industry but if visitors can't rapidly share that information then your numbers will continue to suffer. Social approval is one of the best ways to get more people interested in your business so let them do a bit of marketing for you.
Your website has to be friendly and sociable as well, remember you're addressing people not robots.
Have you considered getting a promotional video made? If you are then make sure there's plenty of smiling faces and happy people, both customers and members of staff. We've all heard how smiling at someone will generally produce a smile from them, it makes them happy. The same thing happens when they see that your business makes other customers happy, they feel better as well.

Close the deal
It's a well established truth that British people generally aren't very pushy in day to day life.
In business you want your clients to buy from you so go ahead and ask, everybody needs orders. So place a call to action (or several) on your webpage "call us, email us, order now" etc can all be used.
Repitition is the key to getting visitors to follow up on that call to action, they might have missed it the first time around.

A need for speed
Everything is getting faster in the world, faster cars, faster payment methods and faster internet (to name a few) so make sure your website is up to speed. People find it increasingly frustrating to wait for a webpage to load, they want it done in seconds, the average waiting time being 3 seconds before they move on.
If it's slow there's a number of steps to take to improve it's performance but get it tuned up to match the rest of the pack.

Look at your website in the context of these six points and find out if you could be doing better with your website.

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