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Google Shopping Ads are one of the most important ways for any eCommerce business large or small to drive high buyer intent, targeted traffic to their sites. Often overlooked due to its initial complexity to set up and optimise, Google Shopping remains one of the best marketing channels for long-term eCommerce Success.

What is Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads, previously known as ‘Product Listing Ads’ are the ads that display your product image, price & offer that appear in Google search results & Google Shopping tab. These Ads can only be set up by uploading a special ‘product feed’ into your Google Ad Manager from your eCommerce website. The product feed ensures that all products uploaded meet the requirements set by Google before they will be allowed to show to prospective customers.

Any potential customer searching terms with buyer intent like “Kingsize Ottoman Bed” will be served Google Shopping Ads related to that search term. If your products are related to Kingsize Ottoman Bed they will potentially also be listed here – the area where these results appear alongside Google’s regular search results is known as the ‘Shopping Carousel’ & is the primary way to generate sales from Google Shopping.

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Alongside the Carousel you have the ‘Google Shopping Tab’ where-by all results related to that search term will appear even if Google did not deem them appropriate enough to be served in the Shopping Carousel.

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Ensuring your products are listed in the primary spots on the Shopping Carousel will be your focus when running Google Shopping Ads as they make up the majority of clicks that come from your Marketing efforts on Google Shopping.

How important is Google Shopping?

Any Google Shopping Ads Agency will tell you it is the most important channel to focus on when building and growing your brand, the reason we say this is because of the stats that we know about how powerful Google Shopping can be for your business.

For example as of 2022 around 76% of all spending on eCommerce marketing by large companies is spent on Google Shopping and 36% of product discovery across all platforms happens on Google Shopping (that’s not including Google search results). Growing at 17.7% per year it is currently responsible for 1.2 billion searches per month on

What this means for you as an eCommerce business is that Google Shopping is a major source of ‘high conversion potential’ traffic you need to be capitalising on. So significant is this source of high quality traffic that world leading eCommerce companies devote over 3/4ths of their marketing budget towards it due to the reliable ROI that it generates. With the ability to be exposed to millions of searches per month it is the fastest and most effective way to reach your the majority of your potential customers as an eCommerce business.

Why use a Google Shopping Ads Agency?

Google Shopping is unfortunately quite complicated to setup and requires PPC expertise to execute a campaign in a reliably profitable way. Most companies typically require an individual or team devoted specifically to Google Shopping which can incur costly on going staffing fees.

However with the ability to out-source this work to a specialised Google Shopping Ads Agency you will not only save on costs but you will likely experience better performance due to the extensive experience Agencies can have.

Specialist PPC Marketing Agencies such as ourselves at Intertec Data Solutions work with lots of different companies in lots of different niches learning what practices get the best results regardless of industry. We then apply those ‘industry-secret best practices’ to your Google Shopping Campaigns delivering the best results in the fastest time possible. Saving you money and plenty of head-aches…

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Choosing the right Google Shopping Ad Agency

Intertec Data Solutions has 20 years experience in the digital marketing and business consultancy space. We have worked with thousands of companies over the years and have solved just about every problem a business can encounter. We approach problems by first understanding your business and your needs completely with a free consultation, we then set about finding the most efficient and effective route to solve your problems.

Our approach to Google Shopping is no different – we have in-house Google Shopping experts that work alongside our PPC marketing team to ensure we maximise your ROI with Google Shopping by understanding your brand needs first and then catering your Shopping Campaigns to those needs. We also provide feedback on ‘Conversion Optimisation’ insights we feel you will benefit from and if needed can provide a comprehensive optimisation service for your business.

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