How Clean is Your Website?

How Clean is your Website?  

The number one thing that people ask for when discussing a new website is that they would like it to be ‘clean and fresh’. What they want is something that is clear, uncluttered and you can easily find what you are looking for.  

However, if you look at some of the most successful sites “clean and fresh’ is not always something that immediately springs to mind.  

Look at any newspaper website. Very cluttered! There are things happening everywhere. They however are not trying to sell anyone anything.  

If you look at Amazon, there is a huge amount going on. Not clean and fresh by any means yet we still use it day after day after day.  

The success of these sites is down to the fact that the companies understand that the main reason for visiting the site is to solve a problem. They might want to buy something, they might need some information, they might be doing research or comparisons. If a website cannot give them what they need within 8 seconds of clicking on it then a person will move on to the next site in the hope that they can.  

Your website must offer the visitor options, so they can find the information that they want quickly and easily. This is why busy sites can be so successful.  

There are 7 steps to creating a hugely effective website  

Step 1  

Decide on your objective. Do you want immediate sales, do you want people to give you their details in exchange for a report, eBook or white paper, do you want people to pick up the phone to contact you? You need to be absolutely clear what you want your website to achieve  

Step 2  

You need to decide what action you want the visitors on your site to take. Whatever that is, you need to make it very clear to them in simple terms.  

Step 3  

Who is your website aimed at? What is your target audience? What is the profile of the visitors you are expecting? This will help you tailor the look of the site and the language you use to make the site as effective as possible.  

Step 4  

What is the structure of the site going to be? Do you want it to be a single page or will you have menus and simple navigation? Will the site be intuitive so that the visitors can easily find the answers they are looking for?  

Step 5  

You need to think very carefully about your Keywords. What are the key words that people will use to search for your products and services and which pages of your website are they on and how often?  

Step 6  

Writing the content. Because you have worked out steps 1-5 clearly and concisely the writing of the content should all be pretty straightforward  

Step 7  

The design and layout of the site. Remember that the quality of the brief you give will determine the quality of the site you get back.  

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