How to increase conversion rates for your website

Are you frustrated that no matter how high a level of traffic your website has you're still struggling to generate new leads?
Here's a few tips to on how adjusting a few aspects of your site can give you dramatic increases in conversions

Create landing pages which are compelling
It might surprise you as to how many websites are unable to convert visitors into leads. A lot of websites do not hve specific landing pages or don't direct traffic to the specific landing page. The result?
Visitors bouncing off of those pages in search of a website which will fulfill their needs in amore conspicuous manner. Therefore it is important that any landing page be designed with information aplenty for each product or category.

Think of a call to action
During the design process thoughts on "what actions do I want any vistors to take?" are crucialto the concept of a website. Once a desired action has been agreed a call to fulfill that action is needed! A simple phrase such as 'call me now' or 'sign up above/below' can be all it takes to convert a visitor into a lead.
Repitition is the key to the success of any call to action, it's the way in which most people learn to do just about anything and is certainly the best method to ensure a visitor takes up that call and follows through.

Design Banners
Visitors, being people, are bound to be influenced in different ways, whilts there are those who are more literary and prefer to read web pages there are other who prefer a large visual image to guide them. Thus to aid in drawing these individuals in a banner which slearly displays your call to action is an effective strategy.
In most cases these will take the form of boxes at the side of a page which open into a list of options or a simple graphic with an instruction 'contact us now' for example.

Use Packaged Information
There is a phenomenal amount of people looking for information on the internet at any given time and with most looking for more than just one piece. To draw people to your page ensure that you're providing the information that they're looking for.
Package that information so it is easy to read and take on baord what is being said, providing more information can be done through, as an example, a newsletter which visitors can sign-up to receive.
A cautionary word is necessary here as newsletters will require a sell as people often overlook the option to sign up unless there is some desciption of what will be received eg 'The lastest marketing strategies for businesses'

Consider using an auto-responder
A lead will generally need to be contacted severtal times before there is a willingnes to say 'yes' to any approach. That number is generally considered to be between 5 - 8 times.
It is crucial then to maintain regular contact witha lead once their details have been obtained. This can be a struggle, particularly for smaller businesses, but can a simple auto-responder is sufficient to ensure an email is sent to selected contacts within your list(s) at times set by you.
This will ensure that awareness of your website will be maintained, if not increased, will keep any prospect informed, help establish your credibility and generate a level of trust between both parties. All this only increases the chances of an order/request being placed.

Use social proof
As with most things in society the words of others are a powerful tool to be used and its best form comes through testimonials. Not only can other see the level of service being provided it is also possible for your to judge your standing and progress by who your referrers are and what they are saying.
The best form of testimonial is a video as visitors can see and hear the emotion and/or sincerity behind the customer's happiness.
If a video testimonial is out of the question then try to at least include a picture of the referrer as well as general information such as name, position and business.
Any testimonials need not be confined to any one place on your page(s) but rather should be spread out to firstly display the number of satisfed customers and secondly to be certain they are not overlooked.

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