How to stay in the top ranks

There are methods that exist to aid in traffic generation which do not require you to spend huge sums of money on pay per click or similar pay for methods.
Google are constantly changing their algorithms used to determine the ranking of websites in the organic listings.
As a results many websites can be top of the pile for a period before dropping into the aether.

The posts have been moved by Google
In their most recent updates Google have shown a greater focus on content as the prime qualifier for determing a website's ranking, putting a greater emphasis on the creation of blog websites.
In order to make the most of the situation, the need has arisen to guide traffic to your blog site rather than your homepage, this is because the page ranking is now largely based on the amount of time spent by people on your site. Where previously the idea was to throw as much mud (traffic) at your wall (homepage) in the knowledge that the vast majority would not stick but those that did provide sufficient business that only a relatively small budget was required. Today that self-same strategy is what has driven many a website from the top listings as Google has adopted the position of assuming that many people leave your page within seconds and that the quality of the page is below par.

The way forward
The best method for beating the drop into anonymity is to draw people to your blog page with interesting and catchy headlines, leading visitors to click on a link leading to your blog page. The advantages of this strategy are twofold:
Firstly, people will spend more time on your site increasing your standing with Google, kicking your page into the hallowed position at the top of the rankings.
Secondly, a blog is a much more personable version of a website allowing you to connect with your readers, opening the door to a fruitful relationship for all parties involved.
There's a certain trick required to pull this strategy off, that is to place your lead magnet (the free offer made to obtain your readers' details, thus adding their names to your list) on your blog page in a good position to ensure the greatest return of contact information from your readers.
As ever there is potentially saddening news to coincide with this and that is that the time has long since past where a website can be set up and forgotten about to quietly reel in the fishes. Those who still use web marketing should already be well aware of this as Google has always shown a propensity to those who regularly update their online presence but these latest changes have only served to strengthen the stance taken.
On the positive side, and there is plenty to be positive about, for those who are dedicated to providing their readers wih high value content will find it easier to leap to the top of the organic listings and stand out from the crowd in their respective fields, sweeping all the websites of a quality aside to achieve the required visibility.
Be warned that within this your blog will need to be regularly updated in order to achieve its full potential which will require the investment of both time and effort.

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