How to Write a Press Release

What makes a good PR story?

Can you think of the last time something you’ve read in the media made you search for and buy that product? Or touched a nerve and made you respond? Have you ever thought why that may be? Here are a few possible reasons:
  • 1. The Headline grabbed you – it grabbed you, because it told you succinctly what the story was about and you wanted to read more.
  • 2. The first paragraph of the article grabbed you – it was telling you what was going on and you wanted to read more.
  • 3. A picture accompanying the article grabbed you
  • 4. A quote or a comment caught your attention

The good news is, you can be a storyteller too! Just like any good book, your press release needs to have a good plot, interesting characters and tell a story.

Can’t think of anything interesting to say? Get inspired by what’s going on in the world, position yourself as an expert and tag your story to latest news. If you offer accountancy services, provide your opinion on the chancellor’s budget statement and show how it will influence your clients. If you sell wedding dresses, talk about the latest celebrity wedding. Or if you are a fitness trainer, provide your opinion on the latest ‘it’ diet.

7 press release writing tips

Journalists are humans. Humans are lazy. So help them and give them all they need on plate:
  • 1. Explain why something is news: Answer who, what, where, when, how and why.
  • 2. Tell a story your reader can visualize – be personal and interesting.
  • 3. Supply evidence and concrete facts to support your claim: name events, services or products, targets, people. Awards or any related statistics you can get your hands on.
  • 4. Provide images and videos to tell your story.
  • 5. Use endorsements
  • 6. Always proofread your press release.
  • 7. Don’t forget your contact details!

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