How to write powerful copy

Whilst you may be an expert in your given field that you might not be able to put that knowledge down in a way that makes it accessible to your audience. In the world of business something that's 'pretty good' is never good enough.
The following 5 tips can be applied to any number of copy writing you might need to do.

1. Be Enthusiastic
A lot of copywriters tend to drift into a style which is overy formal as they believe it makes them sound serious and professional about their subject matter.
The truth is that writing which is too formal doesn't allow your readers to engage in the piece.
It often comes across as too wooden and you'll struggle to build trust when relying on that particular style.
You steer away from this by simply picturing how you're coming across to your readers.
You need to be enthusiastic about your content and that will show in your writing.
If necessary try to imagine that you're arguing the case, it'll show conviction and help bring out your enthusiasm.

2. Take a break
One of the single biggest tips to give any writer is to leave a piece of writing for a period of time, be it a couple of hours or overnight.
You'll be surprised as to the amount of editing you'll end up doing.
Coming back to something with fresh eyes and a refreshed mind will always help improve becuase you'll see things that you hadn't noticed before.

3. Have someone read it out
If you read somehting out loud you're more likely to notice errors, you could extend this further by asking someone else to read it out loud.
They'll not only be able to spot any mistakes you may have made but they'll also bring a fresh mind to analyse it.
It's probably a piece of advice you've heard countless times in the past yet so few actually do it.

4. Use active sentences
The simple way in which a sentence is arranged affects the way someone feels when reading.
To clarify, if someone is doing something, it's active.
If something is being done by someone, it's passive.
Passive sentences don't have any impact when they're being read.
Active sentences, as you've probably guessed, create a sense of energy and dynamism.

5. The Breath test
Beware of long sentences, reading your piece out loud will help you spot this.
Try to keep each sentence to one idea and write them succinctly.
The test whether a sentence is too long or not is the breath test.
Simply put if, while you're reading your work, you have to take a breath in the middle of a sentence it's too long.
A general rule of thumb is a sentence over 20 words long is too long.
Deal with any particularly long sentences by either removing the 'fluff' or break them into smaller chunks.

Keep referring back to these 5 tips for the next article you write and you'll see the difference.

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