Keyword Research Service in Surrey and Hampshire

Get the most out of your PPC Pay Per Click Ad Campaign With Our Keyword Research Service

Intertec is a web design and SEO company based in Surrey.

If you’re not generating enough leads for your business, it might be time to turn to Pay Per Click advertising. Keyword research is the first step to make your PPC campaign a success and our team specialise in Keyword Research for Your Surrey and Hampshire Business

The power of keywords

Good keyword research can make or break your campaign. We provide you with the most accurate data and information so you never miss a potential lead.

Learn from our experts

We know everything there is to know about keywords and PPC, which is why we’re here to help you by providing research, tips, and strategy recommendations.

Useful insights for your business

We’re not just about numbers – our reports are packed with real-life data that can help you grow your business by increasing conversions and maximising ROI.

Our full Keyword Research Service we include:

  • Running keyword searches that deliver the most relevant results.
  • Finding keywords with the best buyer intent, to get your content in front of people who are really looking for what you have.
  • We identify and add negative keywords to your campaigns to increase your ad relevance and reduce cost. Negative keyword might include “free” “Cheap”
  • We identify broad match keywords where you can target a wide range of terms and phrases related to your product or service.
  • With exact match, target a specific set of words related to one specific product or topic.
  • We identify the keywords your competitors use, and then find keywords that have the same (or higher) sales volume.
  • We use Keyword Tools to create relevant keyword groups for your ad campaigns, long tail keywords with good search volume, and high buyer intent long tail phrases at a low cost.

Our keyword research service is not only good for running Pay Per Click Search Ad Campaigns. We use the same tools to identify the keywords that you need to drive web traffic to your website pages.

We can identify the search terms and the number of searches and the competition you will face to appear on the 1st page in a search. So you only target the keyword that will work for you. Then you can produce content that virtually guarantees results.

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We Also offer these additional services to help you grow and scale your business.

Web Design

We offer website design and development services across the Surrey and Hampshire area. Our professional website designers have a large selection of beautiful, fully functioning websites you can look at for inspiration

SEO Services

We are SEO specialists combining onsite and offsite tactics and approved methods to get your website found in online searches

PPC Marketing

Our PPC ad services includes keyword research, Ad copywriting, campaign management and analytics reporting to ensure we maximise your ROI.

Social Media Management

Our social media management service ensures your social media channels are always filled with new relevant engaging content to attract, educate and inform visitors and followers of your business.

Marketing Data

Through our sister company Prospect360 we are able to provide you consumer data lists that can be used to target your key audiences. We have access to telephone, email and postal addresses of businesses and the key decision makers.