Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services

Nearly half of all Google searches (46%) now have “local intent” – meaning the search query is likely seeking a local product or service. Long gone are the says where a local business can afford to be ignorant with their local SEO.

Unlike traditional SEO that comprises three distinct practices – On Page SEOOff Page SEO & Technical SEO, Local SEO goes on step further by introducing what is known as the “Map Pack”.

You will have undoubtedly encountered the Map Pack when searching for any local business. Nearly 1/3rd of all searches now show a Map Pack to help searchers 

One of the core aims of Local SEO is to ensure that you rank highly not only for local search queries but in the Map Pack


What’s Involved In Local SEO?

As with anything SEO the aim is to satisfy as many ranking factors that Google uses to assess whether or not a business is appropriate for the search queries they are given. Google never explicitly tell you what those ranking factors are but they give hints and with enough testing and experimentation Local SEO agencies like ourselves figure out what works for your business and what doesn’t.

Beyond the usual comprehensive SEO work we perform for our clients for Local SEO we typically:

  1. Audit all instances of NAP Citations (name, address, phone)
  2. Completely optimise GMB (Google My Business)
  3. Audit all review signals
  4. Audit current local rankings based on local geography
  5. Optimise all relevant website content to ensure optimal Local Keyword targeting
  6. Create Review capture funnel for old and new customers
  7. Perform local backlink building service

These activities are usually performed in tandem with our comprehensive services as Local SEO should not be seen as a separate practice but really as an essential extension to current SEO activity.

Professional Local SEO Services

Intertec Data Solutions Ltd has a strong 20 year history working in Surrey and Hampshire as SEO and digital marketing experts – in that time we have seen many SEO practices come and go. The best practices that work and provide our clients with the best results have become part of our reliably successful SEO service offering.

Generally we find our clients ignore Local SEO without realising how massive of a traffic source it can be for their business. Once we perform our optimisation and our clients begin to rank for their local search terms and gain the top 3 listings in their local map pack its typical to see large increases in enquiry volume.

Unfortunately SEO is an experience game due to the lack of clear instructions from Google on how to rank. Trying to perform in house SEO without years of industry experience can produce poor results and result in wasted time and sunken costs that will be hard to recover. With our services you know you are in the hands of an agency that has two decades of experience under their belt.

To help you get the service you need you can arrange a ‘free, no-obligation SEO audit consultation’ with our SEO Experts Monday to Friday from 9am – 5.30pm. Once we understand what you need we will get to work delivering your results.

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local SEO services in surrey and hampshire

GMB Optimisation

GMB (Google My Business) is at the core of Local SEO, without it you are missing out on a huge source of traffic. Our SEO experts will ensure your GMB is completely optimised and will continually build its presence long term.

NAP Citation Auditing

NAP citations (Name, Address, Phone) have to be consistent across the internet any errors can result in penalties from Google reducing the impact of your Local SEO efforts. We will locate all NAP citations your business has and ensure they are optimised for the best results.

Local Backlink Building

Backlink building has been a core staple of SEO for going on 20 years and it remains important with Local SEO efforts. Backlinks from local organisations can provide a bigger boost to Local SEO efforts than standard backlinks, our team will ensure you build the most relevant local backlinks to grow your Local presence.

Local Ranking Audit

Understanding where you actually stand with Local SEO is quite complicated as a huge variable in the Local ranking equation is the physical location of the original query. Utilising our suite of SEO tools we can get a complete picture of your Local SEO presence and begin to optimise to ensure you are getting the right coverage in your entire local region.

On Page Auditing and Optimisation

As an extension to our usual On Page SEO services we will ensure that your existing website content gets overhauled to increase your ability to rank locally. This intially comprises of an audit of your current website’s pages and then the inclusion of Local SEO elements that are in line with your overall Local strategy.

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We Also offer these additional services to help you grow and scale your business.

Web Design

We offer website design and development services across the Surrey and Hampshire area. Our professional website designers have a large selection of beautiful, fully functioning websites you can look at for inspiration

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Marketing Data

Through our sister company Prospect360 we are able to provide you consumer data lists that can be used to target your key audiences. We have access to telephone, email and postal addresses of businesses and the key decision makers.