Marketing Data Lists

Marketing Data Lists

You can’t go out and market your business if you have no one to market it to. Where will you send your emails to, whose doors will you deliver brochures to and who will you call with that perfectly honed sales pitch? Without a good set of marketing data behind you, you might as well be scattering business cards from the highest roof in town. So instead, let Intertec help you direct your marketing efforts.


At Intertec our goal is to provide you with everything you need to make your business succeed under one roof. To do that, we have split our offering with our sister company Prospect 360 to provide you with both business(B2B) and consumer(B2C) data lists fresh off the presses and filled with accurate, up to date information.


Marketing your business can be a difficult process, and it’s even more so when you’re not sure how to reach your target audience. In tandem with Prospect 360, Intertec are dedicated to helping you understand your target audience and how to get your message to them. We can help you understand your customers with customer profiling, finding out who they are, what they like and why they will buy from you to offer a tailored approach to marketing. This is often the most rewarding part of the process, as it gives you intimate knowledge of your customers and what motivates them, without needing to take them out for dinner and drinks first.


So now you’ve got your lists and you understand what makes your customers tick – what next? Well, to make the most of each of those calls or interactions, we recommend an intense course of prospect research. Now that sounds very daunting and time consuming for you, so we can take that off your hands as well. Our prospect research service involves us donning the cap and magnifying glass and finding out everything you could need to know about the prospects on your mailing list. This includes crucial information such as:

  • Who the right person to talk to in the company is and how to reach them.
  • If there are opportunities for you coming up, and when.
  • What the hot issues for that company and industry are that could persuade them to buy.
  • How you can improve on the existing services in the market.
  • If your product or service could solve an existing problem for the prospect.

You’re a business owner, so you understand how busy your day can get and how little you want to listen to a cold sales pitch that’s interrupting your productivity. So instead of going in cold, approach each and every prospect with an extensive understanding of their problems and how you can solve them. This simple change in approach could save you hundreds of pounds and thousands of hang up phone calls, and it’s never been easier to do. Our data and prospecting services have been used to create some of the most successful telemarketing, direct mail and text message broadcasting campaigns in the world, and we can help you too.


We are a web design agency based in Surrey and our web designers are experts in combining visual appeal with instinctive usability.

We utilise Google approved, white hat optimisation methods to build quality SEO services under your targeted keywords.

We are a results oriented PPC agency and deliver an exceptionally high ROI. PPC is ideal for new websites looking for immediate results.

Intertec also provide business and consumer data lists to help target your key project base. Our lists are suitable for postal, telemarketing and email campaigns.

Intertec develop android apps to convert your business ideas to usable applications for mobile devices to make interacting with your products and services easier for your customers.