Maximising Conversions for your Website

When we review client’s websites we often see a healthy amount of traffic but very few leads. As a business owner this is causes a high amount of frustration.

When we review client’s websites we often see a healthy amount of traffic but very few leads.

As a business owner this is causes a high amount of frustration. But, with a few tweaks to your site you can dramatically increase the leads your website generates.

Create captivating landing pages

One of the reasons that many sites fail to convert visitors to clients is because they either haven’t created specific landing pages, or they fail to direct visitors to the most appropriate pages on the website.
This can result in the visitors leaving the page and going back to Google to look for a site that can solve their problem more obviously
It is vital that you include information rich, specific landing pages for each of your categories or products. So that the visitors to your site can find what they are looking for quickly and effectively.

Calls to action

Ask yourself the question – What action do I want the visitors to my site to take when they arrive at the site? You need your most desired response in mind.
Once you have decided what that response is, you have to make it simple and clear for your visitors to do. You might add a call to action to “Shop Now”, “Contact Us”, “Register Today”. Whatever it is that you want the visitor to do, you must not just tell them once, you repeat it all through the copy. The more you drill it into them, the more response you are likely to get.

Call to action banners

Some people react more to visuals and to appeal to these people you should include call to action banners.
These often take the form of boxes down the side of the page – often with a graphic and some instructions.

That could be as simple as
Call me now on 01276 691199
or to a banner telling people to “Shop Now”, “Register for our Newsletter” with bright, fresh graphics

Packaged information

Millions of people are searching on the internet for information as we speak, to stand a good chance of converting a visitor to a customer, you need to offer the kind of information that they want and need.


It’s a well-documented fact that it often takes between 5-8 “touches” before a prospective client is willing to say yes to your offer.
In order to get that “yes”, once you’ve obtained someone’s contact details you need to make sure that you’re communicating with them regularly. Autoresponder is a very easy and effective way of doing this
Autoresponders automatically send emails at set times to your contact list.
A regular email contact increases awareness establishes your credibility and keeps you front of mind for prospective clients. This will increase your chances of getting the order.

Social proof

Before a customer places an order with you, they need to be confident that they’re making the right decision and testimonials provide the social proof that visitors are looking for.
The ultimate testimonial is a video testimonial where the visitor can see and hear a happy customer endorsing you.
If you can’t manage video testimonials, try to give your testimonials credibility by including a picture of the customer along with the name, job title and company name.

There’s no reason to restrict testimonials to a dedicated page. Sprinkle them liberally around your site, making sure that you have some on your home page.

Free website critique

So, if you think your website may not be pulling its weight, we can help. Please contact us today on 01276 691199. We are waiting to help your website reach its full potential.