Me! Me! Me! The Thought In Everyone's Head.

A cruel as it may seem we're all incredibly self-centred.
It's human nature so who can blame us?
It does, however, create a problem when you're marketing to other people.
You could have the greatest product within your industry and no one would bat an eyelid.
The reason being?
That you need to tell people what's in it for them. How will your product benefit those people and their lives?

Features and Benefits
You could have all of the better features than any of your competitors, your product could be the fastest and most hard-wearing of all time.
Yet you won't be winning anyone over until you tell them how these features will benefit them. 
Explaining the benefits will help people realise that they should care about the wonderful product you've placed in front of them.
If they understand that it's going to help them rise above their competitors and spread across their desired markets then they're more than likely going to become a customer.
If you're struggling to think about what benefist the the fatures of your product gives then consider the phrase "which means that" after each feature statement.

We like being spoon fed
There's no two ways about it, the vast majority of consumers simply want to be told why things will improve their lives.
It's easy enough for Joe Public to look at your features and work it out for him/herself but our attention spans aren't great when we're not heavily invested in something.
So you need to make the most of the window of opportunity you get to list those benefits and win over the customer. 
Bear in mind that all of this comes into play across any form of marketing or sales that you're running.

Make people care enough and you're guaranteed more and more customers.

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