Improve Your Relationships With Your Customers

Humans are naturally sociable creatures, just look at the way that social media has exploded over the last few years for evidence.
It's important that in your business the relationship you have with your customers is crucial and in order to do that you have to have an understanding of human nature.
Let's have a look at human nature and consider the following points to improve the relationships you have with your customers.

Free Stuff
No matter who you're dealing with people always love free stuff and it will forever be an excellent attention grabber.
If you're able to offer something that's genuinely free with no strings attached you'll win some bonus points with your customers. It has the added effect of drawing attention to that offer and as a result you can try to work in some similar offers.
Using the word 'free' will always draw attention and is a useful focal point to situation your marketing message around.

Social Media is the perfect example of how much we need to connect with other people but outside of this sphere we have our own individual, private circles and networks. It's in these networks that we know that we matter to the other individuals within them.
Build a community around your business and regularly keep in touch with those who are part of that community. It will strengthen any relationship a great deal to be in touch with those who matter to your business.

People Like Giving
As hard as it may be to believe in the case of some individuals in our lives, deep down we enjoy helping other people. Through our generosity we feel better about ourselves because we know that we've made someone else happy.
There's always a natural urge to reciprocate if we're given something that we like by a person we like and it's something that you can use to your advantage.
If you give something to a customer and they like it then the chances are that they'll return the favour further down the line.
In most cases your clients will reciprocate by remaining loyal to you and will be more inclined to spread your company name to others within their circles.

That Important Feeling
We like to know and feel that we're important to those around us, both in what we do and what we say.
You can give anyone this feeling by engaging with them. Show that you're just as interested in what they do as you are about your own business.
A relationship will only be strengthened if you engage with each other so make a note, it's important to make others feel important and to do it regularly.

You absolutely have to build relationships with your clients and prospects in order to build your own business futher.
Bear the four points mentioned above in mind whenever you're speaking to your prospects and clients and you'll see your business flourish.

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