Off Page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Off Page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Off Page SEO – For Your Business

For over 20 years Intertec Data Solutions has provided Off Page SEO services in Surrey and Hampshire to small and large businesses.

The SEO services we provide has one focus ‘produce better rankings in Google to drive more traffic to our clients business.’

Throughout those 20 years we have encountered lots of  SEO strategies and isolated what processes produce results and what processes produce poor ROI. We now follow our own consistently successful ‘secret formula’ to ensure we produce the positive results our clients require.

SEO work we perform can generally be broken up into three main areas of work – On Page SEO, Off Page SEO and Technical SEO.

While we provide services for all three of these Services as well as SEO audits here we will explain our Off Page SEO service.

What Is Off Page SEO?

In a recent study performed by Moz (one of the largest SEO research groups) they found that 50% of your ranking ability on Google is determined by your Off Page SEO activity.

Off Page SEO generally refers to actions you take outside of your website to help improve your websites reputation with Google.

This generally comprises of a few key behaviours

  1. High quality back link building
  2. Constant improvement of your business brand reputation
  3. Active engagement and growth of your social presence
  4. Developing your business EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness)
  5. Developing your “Reputation Research” factor

All of these off page factors must be executed in the right way to produce the results that Google will use to improve your page rankings.

While there are many theories on how to correctly perform these actions there are only a few methodologies that produce consistently positive results.

Professional Off Page SEO Services

Out sourcing your SEO development to a professional digital marketing agency is the standard way most businesses grow their web presence. Understanding all the various SEO activities that need to be performed can be a mammoth task in and of itself. Executing on them in a way that produces positive results for your business can sometimes takes years of testing and optimisation to get right.

Generally we find that for most businesses, particularly ones in competitive niches, out-sourcing your SEO to a professional SEO agency is the more effective and cheaper approach for most companies. Understanding the nuance of how to perform Off Page SEO correctly can be immensely time and resource intensive if you are not well versed in the practice.

Our SEO experts have over 20 years of cumulative SEO knowledge that has been refined into an effective methodology that produces results time and time again.

After arranging a ‘free, no-obligation On Page SEO consultation’ with our Experts they will get to work figuring out what terms you want to be ranking for and begin building the right backlinks and brand reputation elements that Google needs to see before it can boost your business to the top of the search results.

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Our team of SEO experts will build high quality relevant backlinks to your pages, in line with Google’s best practices to ensure the continued growth of your website in Search Engines.

Brand Reputation Building

Being another major ranking element that Google considers our team will perform a full analysis of your Brand Reputation and find ways to improve it to produce even further growth of your business.

Social Presence Building

While not directly a ranking factor a properly functioning social presence will build into the overall image Google has of your brand and will contribute to increasing your rankings. Our social media marketing specialists will ensure your social media efforts contribute to your SEO success.

E-A-T Development

Ensuring your business is perceived as a credible Authority in your niche is critical to securing your spot as a market leader. Working to E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) best practices our team will work to make your brand the stand-out leader in your space that Google will preferentially refer traffic to over your competitors.

Reputation Research Improvement

A recent ranking factor that Google has announced is “Reputation Research” – meaning Google now takes into account your business reviews across the whole internet to determine how reputable and therefore how relevant your business is. Our team will help to map out this picture and find areas to improve your Reputation to boost this now important ranking factor.

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