Conversion - Turning Prospects into Customers

A lot of the focus, when it comes to marketing campaigns, is placed on the number of leads that are generated from that campaign. The difficult part is then converting those leads into customers and the conversion rate is heavily influenced by the quality of the leads.
Looking at quality as a forebear to conversion surely the priority, before the makreting even begins, should be to get hold of those quality leads? The hottest leads available to any business will come from referrals. In fact a lot of companies rely on word of mouth as their number one method of generating new customers but they don't have a strategy in place to generate referrals in the first place.
For those of you out there who are looking to increase the number of referrals they get then look no further than the following three steps that anyone can use.

If you don't ask you don't get
Simple enough.
The fear is always that the customer will get irritated if they're being asked to give a referral and as such many business owners don't.
The truth is that if you've done a good (or better) job and ask politely then there should be no reason why they wouldn't provide you with a referral.

Incentivise referrals
As is ever the situation people are always approaching any requests with the thought of what they're going to get from it.
Using incentives and offers for every referral your customers give you will see the numbers rocket because they'll be getting something out of pointing a prospect to your businesses.
Obviously this is limited to the actual amount made from those referrals for example an offer of 10% of the money made as a results of a referral works for £1000 but is rather fruitless at £50.
Work out the offers properly before just throwing them out to your customers.

Refer others yourself
An alternative to the previous point is that you could offer mutual referrals for your clients, that way both parties get an equally valuable referral for their efforts.
Sometimes you have to give in order to receive.

Other methods to increase conversion
Offering guarantess on your products is a great way to improe overall conversion rates as you remove all of the risk from the customer and place it on yourself. People always like to have an escape route ig things don't work out and the same applies in business.
Customers want to feel that they can purcahse something in the full knowledge that if it doesn't work as stated that they can recover at least a part of any potential loss.
People like free trials too, once again it gives them a safe way to find out if what you've got is the right thing for them.

The words of others are also a powerful tool.
It's one thing to promote your business yourself and give all the bluster you can muster but people will always see it as the subjective point of view that it is. Everyone wants to show off their own business and have it grow.
If you can get testimonials from your customers then prospects will start to take notice as it's information provided by a source outside of your company.
They'll read it as an honest review of what you have done for them.

If you can work all of this into your current business plans then your conversion rates will go through the roof.

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