PPC Management Services Surrey

Have you ever seen those highlighted results at the very top of a Google search? You know, the ones that say ‘Sponsored’ next to them? Well they are PPC (or Pay Per Click) adverts, and they are a great way of generating extra traffic for your website. Unlike SEO service that helps in gaining organic traffic, PPC is a particularly useful strategy for a business in it’s infancy that wants a lot of traffic fast, as it has the potential to deliver an almost instant return on your investment with minimal effort. Think of it as a bridge, a way to get from being a new, low traffic website to one that’s successful and generating a lot of organic visits. It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?
How Does PPC Work?
Pay Per Click is essentially what is says on the tin. It places a carefully tailored advert for your business at the top of the search engine results pages, appearing as a sponsored result. When that link is clicked on by a user, you pay a certain amount, as predetermined by Google. The amount you pay varies depending on how popular the keywords you chose are, and can range anywhere from a few pennies to well over £30 (for example, ‘insurance’ generally costs around £40 per click). The more popular the term, the more it will cost for each click. That’s why Intertec work with you to decide the best keywords for your business within your specific budget, and monitor the progress to ensure you don’t overspend, and make sure you are spending in the right places.
Why Should You Use Intertec?
We have invested many thousands of man hours into learning all about Google AdWords and Pay Per Click campaigns, so we know our way around the block. We want to see the Internet work for you, so our PPC experts in Surrey use their experience and expertise to work out the best way to make that happen. We can take over management of every aspect of your PPC campaign for you, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best and making the most out of your investment. But when we manage your PPC campaigns we don’t just watch the meter keep turning. Instead we constantly monitor your account to see which keywords are performing the best and constantly tweak things to improve your results. No matter what your budget, PPC can deliver fantastic results very quickly, and help you to stand out in a very competitive industry. PPC is ideal for new websites looking for immediate results or for companies that are competing in a very competitive market for competitive keywords.


We are a web design agency based in Surrey and our web designers are experts in combining visual appeal with instinctive usability.

We utilise Google approved, white hat optimisation methods to build quality SEO services under your targeted keywords.

We are a results oriented PPC agency and deliver an exceptionally high ROI. PPC is ideal for new websites looking for immediate results.

Intertec also provide business and consumer data lists to help target your key project base. Our lists are suitable for postal, telemarketing and email campaigns.

Intertec develop android apps to convert your business ideas to usable applications for mobile devices to make interacting with your products and services easier for your customers.