The Art of the Upsell

Upselling is a concept that all of us understand and is an effective way of increasing sales.
A customer is going to make a purchase and you extend an offer on another product which compliments what they've already got or are about to buy.
The problem with upselling is that it can come across as very pushy salesmanship if you're not doing it right which will only serve to annoy your customers.

So What is the Art of Upselling?
The art of the upsell comes down to this, whatever it is that you're offering has to improve your customer's overall experience. An easy step to doing this it to put yourself across as a 'solutions provider'.
To do this you have to consider what it is that your customer is purchasing and offer a product which will enhance their use or experience of that product.
Heres a real life example from the USA.
Someone had been making enquiries regarding a glass pool fence that was installed around his swimming pool and had noted several quotes but there was one contractor that was very different.
He looked at the layout of the garden and noticed that there was a high possibility of dirty rainwater flowing into the pool during bad weather and put the question to the owner. The answer was yes, that it happened requently and lead to the constant frustration of cleaning the pool whenever it rained.
The contractor suggested the installation of some drains in the upslope side of the pool. He then went on to suggest that the area around the pool be re-landscaped to not only reduce the flooding risk in future but also to improve the aesthetic of the pool area overall.
The job essentially went from about $5000 to closer to $12,500.
Whilst the job didn't end up being the cheapest deal, it was certainly the best for the pool owner.

Proving you're a solutions provider
What the above story shows is that you simply need to consider the bigger picture, don't just look at the immediate problem. Consider what other problems your customers may have and offer them a product which will fix those problems. Your customers may not have considered those problems before and your highlighting them could be the key which wins them over.
On a deeper level it also shows that you're interested in what your customers do and that you are wanting to make life easier for them. It's a useful trust building tool as your customers will feel that you have their best interests at heart.

Become a solutions provider for your customers and the results will speak for themselves.

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