SEO Services

If you’ve been anywhere on the Internet in the last few years, you will have heard the phrase SEO being thrown around a lot. SEO (short for Search Engine Optimisation, in case you were wondering) is the practice of improving your website, with the aim of increasing your company’s visibility on search engines like Google, and ultimately appearing at the top of page 1.
Sounds simple, right? Well, that’s where you’re wrong. SEO standards are changing constantly, with new algorithms being released all the time to keep businesses like you on your toes. Organic SEO takes a lot of time, patience and know how, and is usually more than a business owner is able to give. So instead, Intertec, an SEO Surrey based company offers a complete range of SEO services to help get your website found online. We offer SEO friendly web design and development service that helps your website rank better in the SERP's.
How Does SEO Work?
Search Engine Optimisation is all about understanding how search engines work, and making sure you are meeting their rules for good rankings. Sites like Google and Bing exist to help users find the information they need online – whether it’s advice on their taxes or videos of cats in top hats. Just type it into the search bar, and the engine will figure out the best and most relevant sites to recommend. But how do they figure out which sites to show? Well, they look for 3 key things on your website:
Back in the olden days you could boost a site by paying for links from every other site on the Internet. Thankfully, that doesn’t work any more, and actually harms sites rankings. Instead, the search engines look for quality links to real sites that are relevant to your content, showing that it is a valuable resource and worth promoting.
If there’s anything we’ve learnt in recent years it’s that search engines love content. Crafting well written web copy and running a regular blog are both great ways to keep your content fresh and remind the search engines that you are still there, and will place you higher than
And no, we don’t mean stuffing your keywords into each page 100 times. Keyword stuffing is frowned on by search engines, and once again will harm your rankings. Instead, Intertec will work with you to identify 3 or 4 key phrases, and make sure they are included in the right places to help Google find your website.
Sounds Good, How Do I Get Started?
Intertec have spent many years researching and experimenting with SEO and what we can do with it, so it’s safe to say we are experts in the field. We offer full SEO services, complete with free analysis and monthly reports from as little as £150 + VAT a month, allowing you to sit back, relax and watch your website climb the rankings. We keep ourselves constantly up to date with the 3 major search engines, and focus on generating quality backlinks and carefully thought out keywords, all as part of the package. For your free SEO review, just get in touch today and see how we can help you be number 1.


We are a web design agency based in Surrey and our web designers are experts in combining visual appeal with instinctive usability.

We utilise Google approved, white hat optimisation methods to build quality SEO services under your targeted keywords.

We are a results oriented PPC agency and deliver an exceptionally high ROI. PPC is ideal for new websites looking for immediate results.

Intertec also provide business and consumer data lists to help target your key project base. Our lists are suitable for postal, telemarketing and email campaigns.

Intertec develop android apps to convert your business ideas to usable applications for mobile devices to make interacting with your products and services easier for your customers.