SEO Audit Services (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO Audit Services (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO Audit Services

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a complex field, comprising of three specific but highly related practices – On Page SEOOff Page SEO & Technical SEO. Understanding how to perform these three practices takes years of experience and practice but once you know how to do them or have had them performed on your site, how do you ensure they are actually working as intended?

That’s where an SEO Audit Services come in.

Investing significant resources into SEO without auditing to ensure that your efforts are producing the best results possible could result in costly waste of time and money.

What’s Involved In A SEO Audit?

SEO Audits can sometimes involve over 100 different processes – the main aim of the audit is always to ensure that your on site, off site and technical SEO elements are optimised to the highest standard.

Making sure all your SEO work is performing correctly removes any obstacles that could be preventing your website from ranking on google due to simple avoidable issues. It is fairly common to see a significant boost in SEO results after changes made during an SEO audit.

SEO Audits can typically comprise of the following processes:

  1. Mobile Friendly Checks and Optimisations
  2. Review of Indexing Data From Google
  3. Site Speed Optimisations
  4. Identification and Removal of Harmful Internal Pages
  5. Organic Traffic Review
  6. On Page SEO Review & Optimisations
  7. Keyword Rank Tracking and Evaluations
  8. Backlink Review & Optimisation
  9. Website Architecture Evaluation & Optimisation

Each of these activities has many sub-processes that ensures that all areas of SEO that can impact your performance are assessed properly, issues resolved and optimisations implemented.

Professional SEO Audit Services

For over 20 Years we have provided professional SEO Audit Services in Surrey and Hampshire to countless clients in countless industries.

We typically find with most of our clients there has been basic SEO work completed or moderate amounts of SEO work performed without special care taken to technical elements that have big negative or positive effects. Once our SEO experts identify the major areas of concern and resolve those issues we have seen some dramatic improvements in performance resulting in massive traffic increases to our clients websites.

As the SEO field requires lots of knowledge of many technical systems it can be very expensive to perform SEO in house due to the required time and personnel investment. Out sourcing your SEO to an SEO agency generally ensures much better results at a much cheaper price long term.

You can arrange a ‘free, no-obligation SEO audit consultation’ with our SEO Experts to understand your SEO needs and to allow them to see what work needs to be done to produce the results you require. Once you are happy with the services your business needs we will get to work securing SEO success for your business.

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Mobile Friendly Checks and Optimisations

As most website searches are now performed on mobile, ensuring your site and its technical elements are 100% optimised for mobile is now essential for all websites. Our team of website developers and SEO experts will identify any mobile related issues and optimise them to ensure complete compliance with Google’s Mobile requirements.

Review of Indexing Data From Google

Understanding the data google reads from your site is incredibly important in identifying any issues that could be preventing your website from being Crawled correctly. After performing a full audit of the data google reads on your site our team will remove any issues preventing optimal crawling.

Site Speed Optimisations

The speed at which your website loads has been publicly defined by Google as being a part of the ranking algorithm they use to decide where to place a website in the search results. Being able to optimise a website to ensure the fastest load speed without compromising performance is a delicate balance that our team has mastered over the last 20 years.

Organic Traffic Review

A critical part of every SEO audit is the reviewing of current performance of existing traffic, analysing competitors and identifying areas for optimisation. Critical insights for your business can be found during this process, potentially highlighting areas to better target your business for increased traffic.

Backlink Review & Optimisation

Backlinking remains one of the most important ranking factors with Google. However all backlinks are not created equal and some can have a detrimental effect on your SEO. Our team will analyse all backlinks removing potentially harmful ones and optimising your existing portfolio for further improved performance.

Website Architecture Evaluation & Optimisation

The architecture of a website is a commonly overlooked area for SEO improvements. Our team will map out your site architecture and identify areas of missed opportunity and will check that the current site structure is not causing unnecessary problems.

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