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With Intertec, you’ll have a team of veteran Surrey SEO experts at your disposal to manage your company’s entire online search presence. We provide all the work you need to design your site, optimise it for SEO, then rank it on Google for your priority Keywords. A straight forward SEO service that has been delivering results for our clients for over two decades.

We start with a completely free consultation, find out about your business aims, then draft up a custom SEO Strategy for your business for the coming year. Once you are happy with the plan we then get to work delivering lasting results as fast as possible.

Free SEO Consultation

  • Our offices border Surrey and Hampshire and are open anytime for a free face to face consultation or alternatively you can call our offices on:

SEO tailored for you and your business

  • We develop a custom SEO strategy that is best for your needs and your industry. We will take into account the goals of your business and tailor the right search strategy accordingly.

Reach your target customers

  • We will research your competitors and provide a detailed report on how they are ranking and what their online marketing strategy looks like. This will allow us to create a plan that is customized for you and your industry.

Results speak for themselves

  • We provide monthly reports so that you can monitor the progress of our work, as well as any other important metrics that help you assess how well things are going.

SEO tailored for you and your business

  • We will develop a custom SEO strategy that is best for your needs and your industry. We will take into account the goals of your website and tailor our strategy accordingly.

Our Surrey SEO agency provides a comprehensive SEO service. Including SEO audit, Keyword Research, Competitor analysis, Backlinking and Content Writing.

Included in our service on-page and off-page optimisation as well as monthly reports.

Off-page optimisation

We work with you to create high quality backlinks and strategically build your reputation through use of content marketing.

On-page optimisation

We ensure your content is readable by humans as well as search engine crawlers, so that it can be found in search engines for top rankings

Technical SEO

We focuses on optimisations related to your website’s backend, like your page speed, site architecture.

SEO audit

On top of our comprehensive SEO strategy, we offer an SEO audit service to identify the gaps in your strategy and help you fix them.

Local SEO

Being based in Surrey and Hampshire most of our work involves optimising local businesses to rank highly for local search queries.

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SEO Agency in Surrey and Hampshire

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What is SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

We create websites and pages with content that we want our potential client or customers to see. We want to be the solution when someone types a question into a search engine but with ever increasing about website pages and blogs being produced globally it is a skill and a process to get your content Search Engine Optimised for so that is can rise up the search ranking on the major search engines. Be aware that it’s not just websites and pages that can be searched, YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world after Google so we can Video content can also be Search Engine Optimised, you can also search content on social media, Facebook and Instagram posts can be benefit from being optimised. SEO is everywhere! If you are new to Search Engine Optimisation – SEO, can be broken down into 3 main categories.

  • On page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Technical SEO

Below our Surrey based SEO experts will explain these three areas of SEO and

On Page Search Engine Optimisation

On Page Search Engine Optimisation

Is as it alludes to, the optimisation of the webpage itself and there are may ways to optimise webpages to show up above competitors.

there a many factors the algorithm pick up on including:

  • Keyword density, content length, tags and Alt text.
  • Using your keywords in the front of your title, and in the 1st 150 words of an article.
  • Optimise images with sizing and text so they are understood by the search engines. Oh, and yes, images are searchable as well (Google Image Search).
  • Embed title tag modifiers ( to create long tail keywords).
  • Make good use of the H1, H2, H3.
  • Include internal links to other related content pages and use External links to trusted sites for additional information (see Google Image Search).

As you can see there is so much that goes into Onpage SEO this is just taster what can be done. Now lets look at what might be included with optimisation offpage.

Off Page Search Engine Optimisation

Offpage Search Engine Optimisation

Primarily concerns the the actions you can take to promote your page in different areas. Posting links back too your page on other digital platforms generate what are called backlinks but not all backlinks are equal. We really want inbound backlinks, backlinks for authority sites shows our content to be relevant and good quality. Almost like a recommendation from a trusted expert or source.

Here are a list of areas great for sharing your content.

  • Video post
  • Directory listings
  • Social Media content posts
  • Answers in online forums
  • Guest blogging
  • Reviews
  • Article submissions and Press Releases

If you are getting started with Offpage Search Engine Optimisation these are great places to start. Particularly these work well for local SEO where the competition night be a little less.

Technical Search Engine Optimisation

Technical Search Engine Optimisation

As technology progresses even the most relevant, search optimised content won’t be seen if the website is slow to load, people don’t wait. Over half of mobile users will abandon a site that takes over 3 seconds to load

Here is a sample of the technical issues that need to be addressed:

  • Speed, your site need to load fast.
  • Remove links that are no working.
  • Allow for Bots to crawl the pages.
  • Remove any duplicate content.
  • Make sure your site is secure
  • Use an XML Site map.

Don’t let the hard work you put into creating content for you website go unnoticed. If you would like an audit of your Search Engine Optimisation or require advice, click the link or, contact us by phone or email for a free consultation

Local Search Engine Optimisation

Local Search Engine Optimisation

With nearly half of all Google searches now being related to Local product or services ensuring your business ranks highly in local search results in now of paramount importance. Following the same principles of traditional SEO but with some critical differences understanding how to rank for local search queries requires a new type of expertise.

Typically our SEO experts will:

  • Set up your Google My Business Profile to an optimal level
  • Ensure you NAP citations are consistent across the digital landscape
  • Rank your business in the Google Map Pack
  • Run Local Search Ads
  • Perform a complete Local SEO Campaign



We Also offer these additional services to help you grow and scale your business.

Web Design

We offer website design and development services across the south east. Our professional website designers have a large selection of beautiful, fully functioning websites you can look at for inspiration

SEO Services

We are SEO specialists combining onsite and offsite tactics and approved methods to get your website found in online searches. Read our 7 Step guide on selecting the right SEO Agency in 2023.

PPC Marketing

Our PPC ad services includes keyword research, Ad copywriting, campaign management and analytics reporting to ensure we maximise your ROI.

Social Media Management

Our social media management service ensures your social media channels are always filled with new relevant engaging content to attract, educate and inform visitors and followers of your business.

Marketing Data

Through our sister company Prospect360 we are able to provide you consumer data lists that can be used to target your key audiences. We have access to telephone, email and postal addresses of businesses and the key decision makers.