Shopify Management Service

Shopify creation, optimisation and management service

Why use Shopify for your eCommerce Business

Shopify is market leading platform solution in the eCommerce space. Shopify allows you to create your domain and ecommerce store, host it and scale your business to the highest levels of eCommerce with multi-currency, international capabilities on top of the ability to handle thousands of visitors a minute.

With its own massive ecosystem of themes and app developers willing to provide round the clock support and functionality – Shopify is quite literally a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your eCommerce needs.

Beyond its high degree of customisability owing to its extensive app ecosystem Shopify excels at providing a highly professional store feel to customers. Whereas other platforms like Woocommerce provide a simplistic set up service the end result is an amateur looking store that can repel customers that are used to clean, professional looking modern eCommerce sites.

Almost all stores developed on the Shopify platform with a little bit of work can look and feel as professional as the top end eCommerce companies in the space. This advantage puts you far ahead of your competitors from day one and with the right maintenance work will keep you ahead long term.

Shopify Management Services Surrey

Our Comprehensive Shopify Service

With over 20 years experience in the digital marketing and business consultancy space we have expanded our team to include Shopify Experts with a proven track record to cater to the Shopify Industry.

We offer a comprehensive Shopify service from the creation of your eCommerce Website, to the optimisation and marketing, right through to the day to day management of your business.

Shopify Store Creation Service

We will create a highly optimised Shopify store for your business, ensuring you have the right theme and app’s set up, ensuring your products are set up correctly following SEO & CRO best practices.

We use our extensive experience with successful eCommerce stores to ensure that your business is set up to highest possible standard from day one. Avoiding common mistakes that will slow the growth of your business and save you thousands in wasted conversion opportunities.

Depending on your needs we will:

  • Create your domain and provide hosting for your new eCommerce Site
  • Create your Shopify site
  • List and optimise your products
  • Set up your marketing channels
  • Provide a strategy consultation to ensure you execute at an elite level from day one

Shopify Marketing and Optimisation Service

Once you have your Shopify Store set up and your product catalogue optimised and ready to interact with your customers you need to have your marketing channels set up. The set up of highly effective marketing channels requires a lot of time and a lot of experience. Usually crippling most inexperienced businesses before they ever provide the needed results.

With over 20 years of experience in this space we know what works and what doesn’t with digital marketing. With our comprehensive marketing and optimisation service we ensure your business will be utilising the most appropriate marketing channels at the highest possible level.

Once we have set up and optimised your marketing channels we can then hand off the rest of the work to your team after providing a comprehensive training meeting.

We have found that four marketing channels provide the best ROI for eCommerce stores. We have decades of experience in these channels and know exactly how to take your Shopify store to the next level when adopting these channels. Th

(full spectrum including ppc, seo, social media, email)

Shopify Store Management

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We Also offer these additional services to help you grow and scale your business.

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Marketing Data

Through our sister company Prospect360 we are able to provide you consumer data lists that can be used to target your key audiences. We have access to telephone, email and postal addresses of businesses and the key decision makers.