Summer Is Here So Warm Up Your Prospects With This Technique

Summer is upon us! With the recent heatwave the termperatures are rising but can you say the same of your prospects? Are you generating red hot leads from luke warm prospects? If it's a helping hand you're after then look no further, here's how:

Marketing follows two stages, the first is grabbing your prospect's attention and the second is converting those prospects into clients. You have to engage with your prospects and get them to subscribe to your lead magnet. What's a lead magnet? A lead magnet is the means in which your prospects provide their contact details and you offer a free report or white paper in return. With your prospect's details you can now begin the process of warming them up, ready for their conversion into a client. A little known fact is that it can take up to 10 'touches' of a prospect before they're ready to say yes to your service(s).

A 'touch' is used to describe you contacting a prospect through any means, an email, a call even a letter count. Your initial touch should be informing your prospects of the benefits they'd have of using your service over your competitors. In the next touch you'll need to ask if they've received the initial touch and ask whether they've had the time to go through it. In your touches from that point you need to start building the relationship, find out if they have any questions regarding your service, offer examples and/or a testimonial of a client who has used your service previously to great effect. You'll slowly build the relationship and in doing so engender trust from your prospects until they feel that they've made the right choice and are going to become your clients. These touches should be in various forms of contact. Try giving someone a call to follow up an email or send them a newsletter if you've not heard from them for a short while. Onbviously there will always be those who prefer one method of contact above all others and where possible you should follow their preference.

So make sure that you're keeping in contact with your prospects, build the relationship and trust with multiple contacts and you'll be guaranteed a customer at the end of the process.

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