Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Technical SEO – For Your Business

SEO is a complex field comprised of three distinct practices that all interlink to create boost your website rankings on search engines.

Specifically you have the fields of On Page SEOOff Page SEO & Technical SEO. Technical SEO focuses specifically on the back end of your website and page structure to ensure it lines up with the best practices Google need to see. With over 20 years experience in SEO we have witnessed many websites with improper Technical SEO causing poor performance in Google despite good SEO practices in the other two fields.

While we provide services for all three of the core SEO services as well as perform SEO audits, we will be focusing on our Technical SEO service. Our Technical SEO services have been delivering results for clients for over 20 years.

Generally with proper Technical SEO elements in place your business will see much better and faster SEO results across your entire website, rather than just single pages.

What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the methodology focused on ensuring a website’s technical elements align with the technical requirements of Google. The goal of this methodology is to improve organic rankings by proving to Google the site is functionally and technically satisfactory to be recommended to Google users.

Technical SEO generally comprises of a number of complex processes:

  1. Site structure organisation
  2. Site linking architecture
  3. Indexing audit
  4. Duplicate content audit (e.g are your category pages duplicating data being sent to Google resulting in a site penalty)
  5. URL architecture
  6. Page load speed audit & optimisation
  7. Dead link audit & removal
  8. Mobile usability and optimisation

To ensure the best possible SEO all of these Technical elements need to be kept on top of throughout each year your website is live.

Professional Technical SEO Services

Fortunately our in house team of Surrey and Hampshire based SEO experts and well versed in Technical SEO having provided these services for over 20 years to clients across countless industries. Being able to build and design websites from scratch we have a deep collective knowledge of Technical SEO elements and know how to set them up to produce successful results.

It is generally the case that most clients simply do not have the in house resources to maintain their Technical SEO owing to the level of website development knowledge required to perform it. It is almost always much cheaper to outsource this work to SEO agencies like ourselves that have the expertise on hand to complete this work in a way that is affordable and effective.

You can arrange a ‘free, no-obligation On Page SEO consultation’ with our SEO Experts to understand your SEO needs and to allow them to see what Technical SEO work needs to be done to produce the results you require. Once you are happy with the services your business needs we will get to work securing SEO success for your business.

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Technical SEO services in hampshire and surrey

Site Structure Organisation

Ensuring that the site structure and interlinking architecture behind your pages makes sense to Google ensures that your pages can be found and read correctly. Poor site architecture can leave lots of pages being missed by Google’s website crawling process removing the possibility of them showing in search results.

Indexing Audit

By reviewing the raw data Google receives and then creates about your site our team can identify issues preventing your pages from performing optimally in search results.

Duplicate Content Audit

One of the easiest ways to get penalised by Google is having too much duplicate content on your site. Most commonly duplicate content is not intentionally created by the website owner but can be a by product of the Content Management Software or eCommerce platform being used. Our team will deep dive your website to ensure all accidental content duplication is adjusted to not interfere with your SEO.

Page Load Speed Audit & Optimisation

Another element that is critically important when ranking on Google is your page load speed. Older and larger websites can have unnecessary code elements causing excessive website speed lag which Google will penalise with lower rankings in the search results. Fixing these issues can sometimes create huge results for Clients.

Dead Link Audit & Removal

Beyond duplicate pages another area Google can penalise your business website is with links to dead pages. Particurly on older and larger websites being able to identify and redirect dead links can be a colossal task. Fortunately our team can streamline and fix these issues quickly for you.

Mobile Usability & Optimisation 

With the majority of internet traffic now moving to Mobile vs Desktop it has become of paramount importance to ensure your website is fully optimised for Mobile. By running a suite of tests our team identifies any Mobile performance issues your business may have, fixes them and then optimises your website to have long lasting positive mobile performance which typically gives a strong improvement to your SEO efforts.

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