The Four Buttons To Press In Marketing

People only buy something if it's going to fix a problem and that's the approach you have to take.
In any type of marketing there are four hooks that are crucial to convincing a client or prospect that your product can solve their problem.

In order to convince them you need to address the following four points:
  • • Pain caused by the problem
  • •Your assurance that you can solve it
  • •How can they get your product
  • •Why they should believe you

At this stage you need to understand your client or prospect's position and see things from their point of view. If you know about the problem they have then make sure you tell them that it's a problem, remind them how big an issue it is to them.

The next step is to tell you clients that you can solve that problem and take away that pain. Tell them in no uncertain terms how your products will improve their lives and give them the assurance that it will work.

You have to go on to tell your clients what they need to do in order to get your product, be it visiting your website or calling you.
It's at this stage that you can even go so far as to summarise what they have to do, why they must do it, what will happen if they do it and what happens if they don't.

You've got this far with your approach but in order to seal the deal you have to create the belief in your client that you will deliver.
Generally people want to believe, you just have to give them a good enough reason to trust you and guarantees and testimonials are the two best options you have available to convince them.
Guarantees put a client at ease as they know that there's no risk for them when a purchase is made.
Testimonials prove that your product has already solved the problem for others so it can only do the same for the clients you're marketing to.
Fit these four points into your marketing pieces and you'll be pressing the right buttons in your clients.

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