The Infrastructure to Support your Marketing

When it comes to marketing you need to make sure that the infrastructure is there to support the activities that you do. To explain, there are several key things to have set up before you begin your marketing activities in order to get the most from them.

Firstly you need a lead magnet, something to draw customers in. In most instances this can take the form of a free offer, for example, a small service you're willing to do for your clients. The form it takes isn't as important as how it's presented. 'Sign up to our newsletter here' won't generate anywhere near the attention and get people to subscribes as 'five key tricks for improving your sales' will.

Next on the list is a web page which promotes your lead magnate. This is referred to as a squeezze page. An alternative is to situate the lead magnet in a large and visible location on your homepage. Don't get carried away with multiple offers, focus on the one key offer that you're trying to push.

Once you've sent your magnet out to prospective customers don't just leave it there. Follow up on the initial email with additional information with the aim of establishing your credibility and raising awareness. A good number of follow ups is 7. Be careful not to make the easy mistake of bombarding prospects, space them out and give them enough time to respond.

Finally you should always have an irresistable offer that you can put forward to prospects. If it truly is irresistable then they'll definitely want to talk to you. You have to make sure it's of real value to your prospects for it to really grab their attention and encourage them to do business with you.

It sounds simple and it is. If you don't get your infrastructure right then your marketing campaigns will never achieve their full potential.

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