The Power of a Testimonial

Testimonials are like gold dust in business and so powerful if used to their full potential.

They provide proof that your business is being endorsed by a third party. Businesses are expected to big up their own products but when a third party says something positive then potential customers seem to listen more.

The best testimonials give a specific and detailed description of how a customer benefitted from your service or products. One of the biggest hurdles to increasing your business is convincing people that you can deliver what you promise, and a testimonial does this for you.

If you have a happy customer, then ask them if they are happy to share their experience of your company. You will find that most of them are more than happy to do it.

It can be frustrating that after agreeing to give you a testimonial, customers don’t always get around to actually doing it.

You can speed up the process by offering to draft something for them after you have agreed what they would like to say. You must then get them to sign off on it before you use it.

It can be hard to know if a testimonial is genuine. Anyone could make them up if they wanted to, so you have to make sure that yours appear as genuine as possible.

In a B2B environment you should give as much information about the person giving the testimonial as possible. You should definitely include Name, Job Title and Company. If you can get a photo as well then you are on to an absolute winner. Seeing the face of a happy customer is a very powerful thing.

You should use your testimonials everywhere you can. As well as having a dedicated page for testimonials, they should also have a section on the homepage with a link to ‘read more’ and feature on any relevant pages throughout the site.

You should also use them anywhere you are using selling messages which will be strengthened and enhanced by social proof.


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