Do You Have A Transformational Offer, Or Is It Just Nice To Have?

Do You Have A Transformational Offer Or Is It Just Nice To Have?

Which category does your offer fall in to? Nice, Need or Transformational?

Here’s why you need a transformational offer for your business. It’s summer and right now, your potential clients may want to wait until next quarter to get started. Do objections get any more annoying than that?

Today, we want to help you put an end to this.

The key to stop your potential clients from pushing purchases to the next quarter is simple:

Is your offer something that would be NICE to have, or is it something your clients NEED to have?

Let’s explains the difference:

You see, with a “nice to have” offer, potential clients feel like they can get the answer from literally anywhere else.

A “need to have” offer is something with urgency, where they feel like they’re losing money every single day, week and month they go without it.

In other words, they have a great big hole in their business bucket that is a drain that needs fixing.

There’s a huge difference between the two types of offers.

Do you have a transformational offer to keep your clients knocking on your door?

However, it’s not enough to just have an offer that’s a need to have.

The prospect has to actually know they need your offer.

Another key distinction is to make your customer know that what you have is a transformational offer rather than an improvement offer

If your offer is an improvement on what your customer already has or is doing, will many of them want to pay a premium price for it? 

If your offer promises transformation, that’s a different story.

You’d have customers beating down a path to your door, desperate to

buy from you. 

So what do you need to make your offer a transformational offer?  Many times we are too close to our services that we fail to see the real value and potential. Here at Intertec, we can offer you a fresh set over skilled marketing eyes. 

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