Traps to Avoid with Email Marketing

Email marketing is a continuously growing entity within the business world of today. Here's a bit of advice on the pitfalls and traps to avoid when you're sending out your emails.

    1. Don't overthink it - You may be fretting over every single detail of your content but in reality you shouldn't. Overanalysing delays the broadcast leading to fewer (if any) emails being sent. Ultimately even a poorly constructed email will have a chance of getting a sale over those not being sent.
    1. Avoid using images - When you're putting your content together everything will likely appear exactly as you need it. In truth, most images are hosted remotely and therefore will not appear in the email your recipient opens.
    1. Don't sweat the stats - Whilst statistics are a useful tool for analysis you shouldn't use the percentages as gospel for the success of a campaign. It should only ever be measured by the number of sales generated.
    1. Be careful with complicated HTML templates - They have their advantages, as does plain text, but the way in which these templates are displayed by many email systems can lead to a disastrous and messy appearance.
    1. Be Personal - Don't distance yourself from your recipients. Avoid the use of 'us' or 'we'. It's easier for people to connect if you're addressing them directly and on a personal level. You'll get far more response that way.
    1. Use emailing tools - There are plenty of them out there on the web, just be certain to check the terms and conditions. If you send out too many emails from your own domain or servers the chances are you'll be blacklisted as a spammer. 
  1. Use an engaging subject line - A good subject line will always garner a higher open rate for your broadcast, the trick is to make it engaging. If you're struggling to come up with a good subject line then don't worry too much. As you're more than likely sending out regular emails your recipients are more likely to be interested in the fact that it's coming from you rather than how good your subject line is.

This is by no means an exhaustive list which covers every eventuality but it's a starting point for many.

By following the above steps you'll be able to avoid making some of the more calamitous errors assiciated with email marketing

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