Using Social Media To Your Advantage

With the plethora of social media apps at our disposal it's more than likely that the idea of harnessing those platforms to gain more customers has crossed your mind.

Social Media is a perfidious beast.

Most are of the belief that you only need to post a couple of status updates and tweets and your customers will come flocking in. In reality there's a lot more work that needs to be done if you're going to make the most of it.

Knowing the hideouts of your audience

An incredibly important piece of information is knowing the platform(s) that your audiences use most. If you know where they are you can find them and engage with them.

In the workplace today you're highly unlikely to find MDs and business owners trawling through Twitter and Facebook during working hours.

Social media isn't the greatest way to win new customers, not by a long shot, but it has a role in the overall sphere of marketing.

A huge misconception about social media is that the more friends, likes, re-tweets etc. that you have the better you're performing.


Likes and re-tweets don't equate to an individual doing business with you, they may simply like reading what you have to say.

It's about bringing thw two points together.

Social media is a great platform for you to drive traffic to a landing page or blog whereby you're getting people interested in the offers and/or information you can provide and how you can solve a given problem(s). You have to prove that you're and will be helpful to the client.

Always tie in the article of your post on social media to the blog post that you're drawing attention to.

Within your blog you need to ensure your lead magnet is strong to increase the prospect's willingness to opt in. This should link to an offer you currently have that your blog post expands upon.

People who find you through social media need more guidance and nurturing as they're highly unlikely to go straight from liking your page to buying something from you. There will be a time when they're ready to make the commitment and you need to maintain the relationship to get to that point.

That's where social media helps you get prospects to opt in.

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