Want to Know The Secret To Growing Your Business?

Of course you do. We all want our businesses to grow.
How do I do this you ask?
Taking it at its simplest you need to make more people aware of what you do and the benefits of our service. Then you need to convinve them that they should choose you over your competitors.
If you can manage those then you're off to a good start.
Telling people what you do isn't as easy as it sounds though.
There's any number of ways to get the message across but one of the most important is advertising.
Obvious isn't it? Advertising works both online and offline and covers a multitude of platforms and media.

Grab your readers' attention
Naturally your advertising has to grab the attention of your readers in order for it to succeed and most of us try to do this through our content. In doing so there's one crucial part of the ad which is not being given enough attention and this is all the more important for any email and direct marketing. 
The headline.
It's the first thing your readers will see, the first hook, and it has to entice them to read on.
Your headline isn't what sells the product, it's the hook that reels their attention in to your content.

So what's in a headline?
Plant a secret in it. We all love secrets.
They pique our interest because we're always looking for new and different ways to stay ahead of our competitors. If it's a secret then we always want to be one of those select few that are privy to that information.
If you can turn your headline into a question then all the better. Questions engage your readers and draw a response, strengthening the chances that they'll read on.
Strengthen it further but suggesting that this secret will fix a major problem or issue. If there's an easier, more efficient and cost-effective way of doing things then we're always interested.
Lastly, round it off by including a desirable benefit e.g. "...increase email deliverability, generate more sales" and so on. You're instantly telling your readers the benefit that they'll receive by choosing you.

No matter how complex we think ourselves to be, we all respond to human nature.

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