Ways to do business better in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has made us all change the way we do business, permanently. While challenges certainly remain, there are many ways that small businesses can adapt in order to survive and even thrive. We have selected some of the best advice of 2020 to help make 2021 a much better year.   Starting a business
  • Government data shows that record numbers of small businesses have been launched since the first lockdown in March.
  • Got an idea for a business but not sure if the time is right? Starting up - if not now, when?

  • Keeping overheads low has never been more important.
  • Digital accounting apps allow you to record your income and expenditure in real time - and check your tax liability in a few clicks.
  • Find out what you can claim when you're working from home. Claiming the costs of using your home as a workplace.
  • Financial apps can save you time and money but which one to pick? Seven considerations before investing in SMB accounting software
  • Get the right insurance for your new business. A guide to business insurance for start-ups
  • Keeping your staff and customers safe means avoiding cash transactions. Getting paid remotely - a guide for beginners
Managing your people
  • Productivity is a key issue when you and your team are working remotely. Lacking productivity? Here's how project management software can help
  • Is working from home affecting team morale? Popular virtual team building exercises

  • Source Data find a good Data List Broker
  • Video is a key part of the marketing mix – now more than ever. Five tips to give your marketing videos a professional edge
  • While some small firms are fighting to survive, others have found new opportunities, markets and customers as a result of the pandemic. How to grow your business during the pandemic
  • When it comes to online marketing, conversions are the name of the game. Five tips for a high-converting landing page
  • From web design and SEO to social media and email marketing, data can help you make smarter decisions. When should you use analytics in marketing?
  • Despite the fact that remote working has become the new normal, many home-based small firms struggle with their brand image. Keeping up appearances when you run a home-based business
  • Lockdowns mean that many businesses have lost contact with their old customers. Seven ways to re-engage customers that have fallen off the radar

  • Bricks-and-mortar businesses need an online presence in 2021. Three ways to successfully move your offline business online
  • Get your systems in place. Five essential tools every start-up should be using
  • Cloud technology can boost your productivity and make your business more secure. Three ways cloud solutions can improve your business' future

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