Are You Capturing Your Prime Prospects?

The vast majority of visitors to your website will leave without leaving any information or getting in contact.
We're talking over 90% of the traffic that gets directed to your page.
They've obviosly got an interest in the products you sell, you know this because they have made the conscious decision to go to your website.
These visitors are referred to as prime prospects.

But you're letting them get away.
How can you catch them?
Simply through Remarketing. Remarketing through Google tracks the visitors to your site and promptly sticks your ad onto any website partnered or owned by the Google Display network that they visit.

What sorcery is this?
It works through cookies. Cookies are small snippets of code which are placed on a computer whenever they visit a new website. When the visitor happens to visit a Good Display network partner/owned site the cookie flags on the site and your advert will appear on the new web page.
This will increase the visibility of your website as visitors will be reminded of your page as they continue browsing the web. You'll also gain more credibility with visitors as they can see you've taken the time to advertise your business through Google.

In terms of cost to you it works on a pay per click (PPC) basis, therefore it'll only cost you if they click on the ad(s).
As a marketing strategy it's a great example of the potential which passive marketing has thanks to the internet.
You're not having to fork out huge sums for traditional marketing forms which any number of people may see but can be risky depending on the amount invested in it.
It's also controllable right the way down to the page you want the remarketed ad to steer people to.

If you're looking for a new way to get your ads out on the internet then take a look at remarketing and those prime prospects will be back to your site before you know it.

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