What do Customers Dislike About your Business?

So, what do Customers dislike about your business?     These days, how often will someone do business with you without checking out your website first?  Not very often.     Everyone does it, whether it be to find out specific information or double check their credibility.     If this is the case we want our websites to do as much of the selling as possible, so that the customer is sold by the time they contact us or at least nearly there.     The key to pre-selling is to address concerns up front and the best place to start is to identify the most common things that people dislike about your industry.   For example, there are some very stereo typical views of lawyers…   They often speak a language that is hard to understand, and you can’t have a telephone conversation without receiving a bill at the end of it.     Once you have identified a handful of things that people object to, you need to demonstrate that you as a company do not commit the same offences.     Price is generally a major concern for customers.  Are you more expensive than others?  Value for money is hugely important in this day and age so you can counter the objection by highlighting all the benefits you deliver as part of your service.  If you can demonstrate that you offer massive benefits, then price will become less important and the focus will be on the quality of service provided.     Something else that offers immediate reassurance is a guarantee.  Whatever the problem, if you give a guarantee it answers a lot of concerns beforehand.     The key is to make sure you are 100% honest about what people dislike about your industry.  Once you have done this you can address and overcome problems and make you stand out head and shoulders above your competitors.  If done properly it will go a long way to pre-selling your business.     This can be done in a number of ways.  You could add an FAQ, you could address the points in a different blog article or list the benefits you deliver on the homepage of your website.  Put them somewhere prominent where all your website visitors will see them.  If you lay out convincing and credible answer’s to customers concerns in advance, your sales process will be so much easier

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