What Makes a Website Effective?

The access people have to information is staggering , especially the speed with which they can do it. This, of course, means that our attention spans to are getting shorter when we're search for things and is a key factor when it comes to designed an effective website. The reason being that the average amount of time spent on a website looking for information is around the 7 second mark. That's quick. Everyone has their own reasons for visiting a website but they need to find it in those 7 seconds or they'll move on to another website to continue their search. To help you build an effective website here's 7 tips to use when you next build/update your website:

Have a clear objective Know what it is that you want your website to do. Are you wanting people to provide you with their details? Do they need to call you or are immediate sales your target? Be absolutely clear.

Call to Action Visitors have to know what they need to do. Will you exchange product/service information for their contact details? Must they complete an enquiry form? It has to be clear so visitors can act quickly if they find what they're looking for on your site

Is it targeted? Who are your target audience? Does your website appeal to a certain demographic? If your website is targeted to a specific demographic then use the approprate language for those targets. Make it easy for them to read and understand.

Website Structure What structure will your website take? What pages will your website have? Will the structure you have be simple and intuitive enough for visitors to easily navigate and find what they're looking for? Simple and effective is key, you don't want visitors clicking link after link, trying to find out if you have what they want. Remember you've got their attention for 7 seconds

Keywords Once you've decided on your structure you start fleshing it out. Consider the key terms used when people look for your products/services. Those keywords have to be on the pages you want visitors to see first.

Copywriting Once you got the keywords noted you need to add some real meat to the bones. Any copy written for your site should reinforce the actions you want visitors to take and use the language that your target demographic are familiar with. It should flow naturally if you've followed the above points.

Design With your copy written and all your other preparation complete, put it all together in a brief for your designer and get that website built.

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