You might be on it, but I bet you aren’t using it to its full potential

What am I talking about? LinkedIn of course!

If you talk to business people nearly all of them are on LinkedIn but hardly anyone is using it effectively and proactively. When people talk about social media, you generally think of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These have the largest memberships and people are aware of them, but they are used for social networking and not business networking.

LinkedIn is different – The people that are there, are there in a business capacity. But, if you look through, half the profiles haven’t been filled in correctly and people aren’t using it effectively. Business people feel that they have to be on LinkedIn, they create an account quickly, fill in their profile half-heartedly and then do nothing more, hoping that people will come to them. This is a huge wasted opportunity.

LinkedIn is free, it has more thank 350 million members, all business people and all available for you to contact.

The first way to make LinkedIn work for you is to create a Business Page. This needs to clearly demonstrate and explain all the benefits that your company has to offer. Ask your customers to give you some testimonials, unlike other social media, these have to be genuine. The cannot be made up but surely truthful testimonials are the best kind anyway?

Once your business page is set up, your main objective is still to direct people to your website and convert visitors to clients and here are some good ways of doing that…

You need to get prospects to connect to you on LinkedIn and one of the best ways of doing that is by joining groups. Not groups that are related to your industry, or you will be interacting with competitors but those that your prospective clients are members of. You can join up to 50 groups in total.

Once you have set yourself up with the groups that are going to work for you then you can comment on other peoples posts to establish your credibility, show your expertise and raise awareness of your company profile or, you can make your own posts. You can post a teaser which links to your blog but remember to make sure that these are relevant, valuable and interesting to members of the group and not just advertisements.

On your blog page you need to make sure that your lead magnet is very predominantly displayed. If someone likes your blog, it stands to reason that they will be interested in your lead magnet and if they subscribe to this, you have their details and you can contact them with your marketing process.

Another way of converting potential customers is to talk to them directly. Doing an advanced search allows you to find people against an extensive list of criteria. Once you find people that you want, you can send them an invitation to connect with you. Make sure you stay away from the standard message wherever possible. People are much more likely to accept your invitation if you show a benefit to them of connecting. Show how you can potentially add value and give them a reason to want to connect with you. Once they have connected with you then establish a relationship over time, anyone will be put off if you try to sell to them up front. It is all about the networking…


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